Ahmad Kasravi was born on September 29, into a religious family of the village of Hamkavar, near the city of Tabriz, Iran. The formative period of his life in . Media in category “Ahmad Kasravi”. The following files are in this category, out of total. × ; 73 KB. View the profiles of people named Ahmad Kasravi. Join Facebook to connect with Ahmad Kasravi and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power .

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He distinguished two different types of Islam: According to Kasravi, the two were opposed to one another. Existing Islam was an institution run by the clerics, beneficial to no one and the source of great misfortune. The object of religion, he argued, was to secure the welfare of the people by finding solutions to their daily problems such as poverty, unemployment, and ill health.

These he kasravvi, were the acts which would please God.


Ahmad Kasravi – Wikipedia

Throughout the book he remains highly respectful and reverential towards Imam Ali, Imam Hossein and their original followers. With the active collaboration of the clergy, they accentuated those aspects which Kasravi believed to be impurities.

It was also during their time that Islam became synonymous with observing certain formal rituals such as attending and weeping at mourning sessions rowzeh-khanigoing on pilgrimages and petitioning the imams with prayers. Kasravi, however, was very careful not to question or negate any of the lasravi fundamental basis for Islam, namely monotheism, prophethood and resurrection. He rejected the commonly held belief that the first three caliphs had usurped the position of Imam Ali.

He challenged the concept of imamateor the right of Imam Ali and his male lineage to the religious and temporal leadership of the Islamic community. Having had a traditional clerical education, Kasravi must have anticipated the traditional response of the clerical community to his discourse.

His outspoken ways would lead him to have many supporters and critics starting from the Reza Shah period. The same group had failed in assassinating Kasravi earlier in April in Tehran.


Clerical errors

His funeral written in Persian: There are translation companies in Egypt for instance, they are affordable and specialised in translating from Arabic to English. According to Kasravi, the clergy did not perform their expected role.

Instead of functioning as the enlightened shepherd who would lead his flock to spiritual and material felicity, they misled the people, perpetrated ignorance, deprivation and superstition. Heresy at its best: Kasravi reproached the clergy on several counts.

Ahmad Kasravi – Wikipedia

He attacked the custom of building shrines for the Imams and characterized their worship as idolatry. Kasravi argued that a reward could be expected only for a useful act.

The lavish expenditure on pilgrimage, he maintained, was best spent on feeding and clothing the hungry and the poor.

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