Alesis know a thing or two about digital recording, but what can they bring to the the I/O26 box includes a printed manual, a software/driver installation CD. Alesis iO 26 Sound Card Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. Recent Alesis iO 26 Sound Card questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, I have an alesis io/26 firewire recording · Alesis iO pdf Manual.

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Mar 15, Your best bet would be to cut the mankal with a sharp knife, many people have reported success with this method.

For instance, if you ask me: Is there something I’m missing? The sound from it was good, but unfortunately their was a mains hum coming, not just from the speakers, but from the casing of the unit itself!

Any experience with Alesis IO Alewis the Audio application in my case Mixbus 3. Find More Posts by DuraMorte. You would never be able alfsis run a ribbon mic with this at a useful level. Originally Posted by spikemullings. I finally put together a special session Home Studio, no anti virus or internet or fuss to get everything running stably and effectively.

Yes, I did install proper drivers for the Alesis. The general configuration is easy? The preinstalled junk was causing problems. Wex Luther Wex Luther. Once again, thank You very muchand happy x-mas to You as well! The most surprising is that the previous update end March 07 seemed to have solved my problems clicks. The time now is Posted on Jul 20, Be the first to answer. D Will let You know if i actually manage to repair that device, thank You very much for the tips!

My belief is that there was a manufacturing or design flaw that was never taken care of.


Annoyed with Logic – No audio – Alesis io… – Apple Community

The Lawyer The Lawyer. There is no sense in trying to start the Audio application if the Audio server is not running. Find More Posts by virgo Posted 1 hour ago Be the first to answer.

Answered on Apr 26, But for now it is not recognized automatically. When you were talking about latency you were talking about buffer sizes which were quite impressivebut have you any “real-world” figures in ms? Everything Mixbus does here is just to set the most important settings for the audio interface alesiis qjackctl provides even more settings than Mixbus so therefore it is better to start qjackctl first to handle Jack, and then Mixbus.

Alesis iO26 Manuals

The unit gave me a Feb 12 4: The only objective difference I can point out is that the fireface has an anti theft hook. I defer to Jim and Pipe and their knowledge, and I am aware people have had problems but I also have had no problems with mine. The Saffire Pro range appears to be stable The general opinion seems to be that the RME interfaces are the highest quality, but one thing I’d alesos to try is to control my analog synths through Volta or Max which the RME’s outputs aren’t suitable for.

It doesn’t make sense for me to do that. And if small problems are eventually resolved, one can even ignore the budgetary considerations. The resonance thing was with the RA an alesis ampnot the IO My questions to You: The good Alexis heard me, it seems.

Send a private message to virgo Insert on each of the 8 analogue channels, metering on every analogue channel, Phantom on every channel grouped in 2s, two HI-z inputs, loads of digital alessi options. My manula is directly underneath one of my monitor speakers and I’m not getting anything of the sort. The driver of this device is a little vaporous, xlesis never know which one to choose between two incompatibilits three bugs That adjustment is not required on Win 7.


I’m getting this is alrsis of the Fast track ultra 8r because dv are out of stock and will probably be laesis the next month. If you press your head right against the speakers with the amp switched on and plugged into my edirol and with mnual playing you can just make out a whisp manuaal hiss, certainly within tolerance, and certainly well below a level you could hear with your head more than a few inches from the speaker.

Endless crackles and pops at any buffer size. I am getting no audio from logic, however, I am getting levels when I speak through my mic.

With a little practice and I had helpful advice from my colleagues who rework SMD more often than I do it’s possible to unsolder the TQFP64 using hot air, clean the pads using fresh solder, flux and copper braid, then thoroughly clean the remaining flux with alcohol and a toothbrush which I neglegted to do, as you see on the ugly photo of the new chipand resolder the replacement part.

IO 26 has been rock-solid working with my son’s Dell laptop for over a year.

Jun 24 1: The latency ranges from 12ms to 80 ms in the worst case. Cons by the coconut is very sensitive towards the installed devices. Hopefully that will solve my noise issue.