None makes the case better, I think, than Professor Antal Fekete (see his series of Monetary Economics lectures or Whither Gold). Antal’s work. See contact information and details about Antal E. Fekete. See more of Antal E. Fekete on Facebook. Log In. or . Awards. In his essay, “Whither Gold?. Professor Fekete was Consulting Professor at Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, His essay ”Whither Gold?” won the first prize in the.

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Antal Fekete | Financial Sense

A Tale of Two Schools. The Goldbug, Variations IV. The Significance of the Gold Standard. The Marginal Productivity whother Debt. The Goldbug, Variations V.

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Gold and Bills of Exchange. With A Year Lag Part 1. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Exploding the Myth of Silver Shortage.

It is important for us to realize that every word of the doctrine on the sterility of gold is an outright lie. When in South Africa celebrated the th anniversary of discovering gold in the Witwatersrand, at the conference Gold commemorating that event in Johannesburg Professor Fekete delivered the keynote address entitled Gold in the International Monetary System.


Was Carl Menger Jewish? Professor Fekete lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Backwardation That Shook The World. This is one of the most pernicious doctrines ever concocted — as demonstrated both by theory and practice. The anta, year he won the first prize of the essay competition of Bank Lips, Switzerland, with his entry Whither Gold?

Lecture notes were published and students could consult free of charge through the Internet. Contrarian Roundtable on Central Bankers And gold.

Architecture for a New World Financial System. Position Paper professorfekete 3, Jan. Dannemeyer, President George Bush, Sr. You Can’t Eat Gold.

His book “Retour au standard or” was published in Paris in The Decoy of the Falling Dollar. He established the New Austrian School of Economics to teach his perspective on feete science. Iron Law of the Burden of Debt.

Whither Gold | Zero Hedge

How To Stop The Depression. The Texas Hedges Of Barrick. Under the regime of irredeemable currency, interest is merely bribe-money, trying to persuade reluctant holders of irredeemable promises to hang on a while longer. Our Diseased Monetary Bloodstream. His essay was published the same year; there was a second edition in On Gold as ‘wealth’: Position Paper professorfekete 4, February 7,Chinese Puzzle.

No, Symmetry of Speculation Is. Sort by Relevance Whithfr Oldest. The central bank goes into the open market and buys government bonds. When the dispersal of gold reaches a certain threshold nobody knows where exactly this threshold isa metamorphosis of money will take place. It’s Not a Dollar Crisis: Log Scale chart of the price of Gold. The Goldbugs, Variations I.


He contends that holders of monetary metal are to a large extent professionals and whigher using the futures market to hedge their physical long positions with an equivalent short in the futures market, in much the same way as a grain elevator operator. According to Fekete, the silver market being more volatile and narrower, once going into permanent backwardation, will function as an early warning natal for the end of the fiat currency system. Instead he proposes a disequilibrium theory, based on Mengerian principles of whother.

Gold Vanishing Into Private Hoards. Mainstream Economists’ Monetary Insanity. According to these proposals the runaway government deficit could be reined in by refinancing the entire U. Fiat Money In Death Throes. This type of professional trading is known as Basis Trading.