ALEXA SUP – User Manual Download (pdf, 11 Aug , Usage of CDM Test Charts with the ALEXA Camera Download (pdf, KB). The ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool to familiarize yourself with the menu navigation of the ALEXA camera family: ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT. the ALEXA manual at or the interactive ALEXA/ ALEXA XT Camera. Simulator at will ensure.

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ALEXA front and back Sony SxS-1 cards are not supported.


Page 47 Lens Support When the nanual is in the right position on the rods, it is fixed with the screw or lever on its side. Sxs Slots SxS Slots On the SD card, the folder structure presented in the following example should be created by the user prior to first use of the card.

This file system is read-only for computers, which means data can be copied from the card to another device, but the data cannot be manipulated on the card itself. Currently set exposure index rated in ASA. Don’t show me this message again.

Exiting High Speed mode takes approximately 40 seconds. Czmera must only be Choose to determine the level of the audio out channels manually, or set it fix to the maximum output. Camera Controls Camera Controls The camera can be controlled through three different interfaces: Firmware The camera firmware can be updated to enable new camera features. Project Camera Controls Alxa rect 1 Set the shape of rectangle 1. HUGO could not have been achieved with any other camera system.


ARRI ALEXA User Manual

Plus Camera Controls Operator Controls Operator controls Note: The card slots are located on the camera’s left side. It is located on the camera back lower right. Compare mode Interleave creates an interlaced image from the live image and the loaded image. Page 53 Main Controls Select a list value Figure Alternatively, reel name is used sometimes. When the Homescreen is displayed, the brightness of the display can quickly be adjusted by turning the jogwheel while pressing the BACK button.

Manul 86 Frame lines are a reference for framing that typically consist of an image frame, a center mark and an aspect ratio reference. The file will be saved to the SD card root directory, named sn – AlexaHardware. If you press REC, playback is stopped, recording is started and the Home screen is loaded. System problem Reboot the camera. Sensor fps list Note: Go to the main archive list and press ADD.


False Color Display Six different colors are used to show the important luminance ranges. OVF with cover plate Figure The brightness can also be adjusted when the Homescreen is active by turning the jogwheel while pressing the BACK button. Page Additional recommendations To ensure correct card handling and reduce the risk of data loss, ARRI recommends the following procedure for card and data handling: Do not point the viewfinder eyepiece at direct sunlight or bright light sources, as this could damage the LCOS imaging device.

Power is supplied via the Ethernet cable. Shutter Audio out level: False Color Camfra Zoom.


Camera with EVF-1 Note: Insert the SD card into the camera. If the fan noise canera starts to increase due to fan aging, the fan can be swapped in a matter of minutes by a trained technician. Page 68 TC count and continues counting on its own.

Camera Simulators

First attach the BPA-1 to the camera with the two screws. These look files must be stored on the SD card in a folder named LookFiles. Page Optics Note: This can either be a color meter or a vectorscope together with a calibrated grey card. Camera Controls Figure If the recorder supports Variflag recording, it will manua the duplicate frames and only record wrri active frames. Only with valid Anamorphic De-squeeze license key installed on camera Grab still frame grabs a still frame to the SD card Note: To reduce the risk of condensation: After that period, the camera has to be resynced to avoid any TC offset.

Power Outputs The camera has three power outputs for accessories, 2x 24 V and 1x 12 V. The user list should only contain the lenses currently used to achieve quick access to the desired lens tables. SxS slots Top to bottom: If error continues to occur, problem contact ARRI service. To power the RCU-4, press the power button after connecting the device to a camera. Some of these batteries are able to transmit information on their remaining capacity to the camera.