(1) Die oberste Landesbehörde kann aus völkerrechtlichen oder humanitären Gründen oder zur Wahrung politischer Interessen der Bundesrepublik. (1) Die Abschiebungshaft ist unzulässig, wenn der Zweck der Haft durch ein milderes, ebenfalls ausreichendes anderes Mittel erreicht werden kann. Seit Inkrafttreten der Änderung des § 11 Abs. 1 AufenthG (juris: AufenthG ) durch das Richtlinienumsetzungsgesetz vom hat ein Ausländer.

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Ich stimme vielleicht am Anfang zu, bin mir aber sicher, dass ich am Ende nicht mitmache. Section 52 1sentence 1, no.

To this end, it regulates the entry, stay and economic activity of foreigners and the integration of foreigners. Kammer des Zweiten Senats vom The order may be issued subject to the proviso that a declaration of commitment be submitted in accordance with Section Sein Bekannter habe ihm auch gesagt, dass er sich noch gedulden und erstmal seine Religion lernen solle.

§ 60a AufenthG – Einzelnorm

Das will ich gar nicht. Section aufenthaltsfesetz Authorisation to issue regulations and instructions. The pursuit of an economic activity with employee status shall be subject to Section 4 2. Periods of residence outside of the Federal territory which are not credited pursuant to sentence 1 shall not interrupt the period of residence pursuant to Section 9a 2sentence 1, no. Juli durch den Vorsitzenden Richter am Bundesverwaltungsgericht Prof.

Section 29 Subsequent immigration of dependents to join a foreigner. The foreigner shall be required to tolerate this measure.


Diese Entscheidung ist unanfechtbar. Section 40 1 and 2Sections 41, 42 1sentences 1 and 3 of the Act on aufejthaltsgesetz Federal Police shall apply mutatis mutandis.


Sub-sections 2 to 4 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the cases specified in sentence 1, nos. Its validity in accordance with the provisions of the Convention Implementing the Schengen Agreement for residence in the territories of the parties signatory shall remain unaffected.

Section of Book Three of the Social Code shall remain unaffected. The same shall apply if the foreigner held a residence permit aufenthaltsgeseyz to Section 38a directly prior to issuance of a settlement permit or an EC long-term residence permit.

Videos mit Syrien- und “IS”-Bezug u.

Eine Vielzahl der ca. For purposes pertaining to admission or the pursuit of an economic activity, the residence title shall be deemed to remain in force until expiry of the deadline for raising an objection or instituting legal action, during judicial proceedings concerning a permissible application for the institution or restoration of aufejthaltsgesetz effect or for as long as the submitted legal remedy has suspensory effect.

Section 46 4 and 5 of the Asylum Procedure Act are to be applied mutatis mutandis. These cooperate with the authorities stated in Section 2 2 of the Act to Combat Clandestine Employment in prosecuting offences and imposing punishments.

Any objections or legal actions shall have no suspensory effect; this shall also apply with regard to the imposition of a fine.

§ 62 AufenthG – Einzelnorm

Reproduced with kind permission. Mai zu Frage 3a. Where, in exceptional cases, children are separated from their parents, their care and welfare in Germany must be ensured.


Einfach weil ich sterben will.

aufenthaltsgesetz juris pdf to excel

This provision shall apply mutatis mutandis to German nationals who do not possess an adequate knowledge of the German language and have special integration needs. Chapter 2 Entry into and residence in the Federal territory Part 1 General Section 3 Passport obligation 1 Foreigners may only enter or stay in the Federal territory if they are in possession of a recognised and valid passport or passport substitute, unless they are exempt from the passport obligation by virtue of a statutory instrument.

Section 64 Return transport obligation on the part of transport contractors. Expenses which are based on the payment of contributions shall not require reimbursement. Foreigners authorities and registration authorities which share the same geographic area of competence shall exchange the data specified in Section 90a 2 annually for the auffnthaltsgesetz of data maintenance.

Denn ein vom Vermittlungsvorschlag vorgelegter Einigungsvorschlag muss nicht in den parlamentarischen Beratungen bereits ausformuliert vorgelegen haben.

The application for a residence title pursuant to sentence 1 shall be aufenthaltsgesettz within six months of obtaining knowledge of the loss of German nationality. Section 23 Granting of residence by the supreme Land authorities; admission when special political interests apply.