Double-click a database table in the dbConnect Manager. By default, double- clicked database tables are opened in Edit mode. You can. The dbConnect Manager is a dockable, resizable window that contains a set of buttons and a tree view. In the dbConnect Manager, you can open the Data View . CAD discussion forum – ask any CAD-related questions here, share your CAD knowledge on AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit and other Autodesk.

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With the dbConnect Manager, you can read and manipulate data from external database files. There are numerous reasons for doing this. If you are a facilities manager, you can.

The Data Link dialog box lets you create and manage Data Link files. The file is called db-Master sample. Fbconnect are based on the sample dB. The contents of Employee table are shown. Creating a Data Link File. A Data Link file is like a switch board that connects applications to database files.


Typically, this would be C: Rename this file My A cad Data Link. Autocac are sample files provided by Autodesk that allow. You have two basic options in this dialog box.

dbconnect and excel

The previous dialog box reappears. Click Next, then in the last dialog box, click Finish. But once a file DSN is created, it needs to be configured.

Click the Select button in the Database group. This is a standard file dialog box. Select MyAcad Access Database. Right-click My Acad Data Link. Then in the popup menu, select Connect. The directory listing of the tables in the Access database file appears below by Acad Aktocad Link. The Data View dialog box appears.

You are now connected to the Employee table of the db-Mastersampl e. Take a moment to look at the dbConnect dialog box.

AutoCAD dbConnect Query Set – Wikidata

These buttons duplicate the options you saw in step 4 in the popup menu. Also notice that you now have two more options in the menu bar: Type My first query in the New Query Name input box. Click the Look Up Values button just below the Value input box. Select Accounting from the list, then click OK.


You used the Store option to store your query. Enter the following data in the blank row. Home About Services Pricing Contact. Click the Use Connection String radio button. On the next auocad, click the Browse button.

The dbConnect dialog box appears. Click the Query icon in the Data View toolbar.

Accessing External Databases AutoCad Help

The New Query dialog box appears. The Query Editor dialog box appears. Linking Objects to a Database.