is used to tell Windows how to autorun your CD or DVD. To autorun a document instead of a program, you should use shellexecute command. Looking into the file of an infected usb key by the Sality virus Conficker uses the shellexecute command in the file as. An file is a text file that can be used by the AutoRun and AutoPlay components of The “AutoRun task” is the application specified by the open or shellexecute keys. If an AutoRun task is specified it is executed immediately without.

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This command also executes when the user double-clicks the drive’s icon.

It can then include any of the following optional commands – with each command placed on a separate line:. Using MenuBox in this way is completely free. Create autorun menu with 1st Autorun Express in a few clicks, without design or programming required!

Another problem is that you can not start more than one document on CD insertion. Remarks The icon, together with the label, represents the AutoRun-enabled drive in the Windows user interface.

How to disable Autorun. INF How to autorun documents with Autorun. The first icon stored within setup.

To search multiple directories, add a DriverPath entry for each directory as in this example. A string that contains the file’s name.


Creating an AutoRun-Enabled Application (Windows)

With 1st AutoRun Express you will do it in a few clicks. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The autorun section contains the default AutoRun commands. Related Links MenuBox vs.

If no DriverPath entry is provided in the [DeviceInstall] section or the DriverPath entry has no value, then that drive is skipped during a search for driver files. If no path is specified, Windows looks for the file in the root directory of the media. To remove substitution later please use the following command: The Open key can only be used to run an executable, not a document file.

Folders listed in this section limit Autoplay to searching only those folders and their subfolders for content. The section is not used with Shellsxecute or AutoPlay and is only referred to during a driver installation phase.

The “ShellExecute” approach is often discussed in newsgroups as a possible solution to automatically launch syellexecute files e.

Creating an AutoRun-Enabled Application

Note that the Mixed-mode CDs also contain audio and data, but these may not be playable on audio equipment. Folders listed in this section, and their subfolders, are ignored by Autoplay sheklexecute searching a media for content. INF ‘ in the CD’s root directory and put some simple commands in the file to indicate what you want to be auto-run.


The menu command’s verb. This article needs additional citations for verification. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. The name must be no more than alphanumeric characters. A string that contains uatorun.inf fully qualified path of the directory that contains the binary file containing the string. When AutoPlay prompts the user for an application to use with the volume, it displays only applications that have registered for the specified custom event name.

A path to a directory that Windows searches for driver files, along with all of its subdirectories. The DriverPath entry specifies a directory to search recursively for driver files. False can be represented by false0nof or n. Windows will launch the application associated with that file type to open the datafile. ShellExecuteEx launches the default command associated with the file type. Retrieved from ” https: The only valid key is:. If it does not find one, it uses the information in the [autorun] section.

As Windows has a case-insensitive view of filenamesthe autorun. A text string containing the label.

Text that is used in the Autoplay dialog for the handler representing the program specified in the open or shellexecute entry in the media’s Autorun.