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Broadcast Announcing Worktext, 4th Edition 1 review. View table of contents. Book Description The Broadcast Announcing Worktext provides you with the skills, techniques, and procedures necessary to enter this highly competitive field of broadcast performance.

In addition to the principles of good performance, this book addresses the importance of audience and how to communicate effectively to various groups. Television and radio studio environments, announcer specializations and responsibilities, and developing a broadcast delivery style are just a few of the many topics covered.


Factual information is presented in brief, easy-to-digest modules and is enhanced with self-study questions and projects. The self-study provides an immediate check on what you learn, and the projects allow for a practical hands-on application of key concepts in the material. The worktext format, with many real-life examples, combines both traditional teaching and practical experience.

A companion CD illustrates techniques and concepts in each chapter with audio and visual examples. This third edition will give you knowledge of other non-traditional forms of announcing, such as online radio announcing, podcast announcing, and other forms of online announcing, such as online shows, clips, and news.

Introduction to Professional Announcing 1.

An Historical Perspective 1. An Employment Perspective 1. Interview a Local Announcer Project 2. Profile a Renowned Announcer Project 3.

Complete a Self-Evaluation Chapter 2. The Audio Performance Environment 2.

Operate Audio Equipment Project 2. Practice Microphone Technique Project 3. The Television Performance Environment 3. Practice Camera Performance Project announcinng. Practice Articulation Project 2. Practice Pronunciation Chapter 5. Copy Mark and Record a Script Project 2.


Broadcast Announcing Worktext, 4th Edition

Practice Pronunciation Project 4. Television and Cable 6. Hard Sell Versus Soft 6. Analyze and Record a Radio Commercial Project 2.

Record a Television Commercial Project 3. Politicians and Athletes 7.

Broadcast Announcing Worktext, 4th Edition [Book]

Record a Radio Interview Project 2. Record a TV Interview Project 3. Plan an Interview Chapter 8. Record Radio News Project 2.

Ad-lib Song Introductions Project 2. Record a Disc Jockey Show Project 3. Watch a Sports Broadcast Project 3.

Legal and Ethical Issues for Media Performers Beginning an Announcing Career A Fact of Broadcast Performance Life Prepare Your Professional Resume Project 2. Write a Cover Letter Project 3. Record an Audition for Radio Project 4. Prepare an Electronic Resume Project 5.