“transmedia storytelling” from a perspective that integrates semiotics and narratology in Carlos Alberto Scolari: [email protected] Journal Name: Semiotica – Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies / Revue de l’Association Internationale de Sémiotique Volume: second-floor balcony is devoted to transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling: new ways of communicating in the digital age by Carlos A. Scolari.

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After dealing with the conceptual chaos around transmedia storytelling, the article analyzes how these new multimodal narrative structures create different implicit consumers and construct a narrative world. Monroe Price Scolark of Pennsylvania. The research will focus on specific skills i.

Susan Petrilli – – Semiotica Aram Sinnreich American University.

Eric Rothenbuhler Webster University. John Thompson Cambridge University. Jennings Bryant University of Alabama. Zizi Papacharissi University of Illinois at Chicago. Zhongdang Pan University of Wisconsin – Madison. The analysis includes a description of the multimedia textual structure created around the Fox television series Dana Polan New York University.


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Nick Couldry London School rransmedia Economics. Philip Napoli Duke University. Virve Sarapik – – Semiotica Peirce, Leibniz, and the Threshold of Pragmatism. Delli Carpini University of Pennsylvania.

A Tool of Fictional Analysis.

Pablo Javier Boczkowski Northwestern University. Yuezhi Zhao Simon Fraser University.

Daniel Candel – – Semiotica Email this article Login required. Many teens would be considered advanced users. Lance Bennett University of Washington. Janice Radway Northwestern University. Echo, Deaf, and Dialectical.

The project

Dilip Gaonkar Northwestern University. Gustavo Cardoso University of Lisbon. Joseph Straubhaar University of Texas at Austin. Joseph Turow University of Pennsylvania. James Shanahan Indiana University.

Transmedia Literacy

Simon Cottle Cardiff University. Human-centric Digital Age call: The aim of this study is to map transmedia practices and informal learning strategies teens use through an ethnographic approach which integrates survey responses, interviews, focus groups, and participant observation.

From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy degruyter. The research will focus on teens years oldan age characterized by a short but intensive use of media and digital technologies.


Semioethics and Translation as Communication in and Across Genres. Qu’est-ce qu’une fiction cubiste? Abstract Many concepts have been developed to describe the convergence of media, languages, and formats in contemporary media systems.

Michael Schudson Columbia University. History of Western Philosophy. Email the author Login required. Stephen Duncombe New York University. Yariv Tsfati University of Haifa. Negotiating the Arrangement of Speech Bubbles in Storyboards.