cfheader name=”content-disposition” value=”inline; filename=”> cfheader name=”Content-type” value=”text/tabdelimited”> cfheader. Using CFHeader and CFContent to control file downloads – Coldfusion – Advanced IIRC, if you set mime-type=”application/unknown” for all file types, you. One of the most important headers that you can set it he content-type header, which can be set implicitly using the CFContent tag. Other than.

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Return JSON data in response in ColdFusion – Stack Overflow

I am programming a Cfheqder application for an online university. They need to be able to upload files to the server, and then authorize students individually as to which files they can download. I’ve got this part written. But the problem comes in downloading. For instance, if the file is an MP3, it streams in and plays on my IE, but allows me to save it on Netscape.


The Proper Content Type for XML Feeds

If the file is a Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. Login to Your Account. Obviously, this is not an acceptable solution.

Please note that in all cases, I do NOT want the file to stream or open inside a browser. I cgheader it to save on the user’s computer. Am I using these two tags wrong? Or are they so basic that they are unreliable for controlling downloads across browsers?

It seems a shame that uploads can be controlled so perfectly, but downloading is sort of hit-or-miss.

Using CFHeader and CFContent to control filedownloads When you specify the correct mime-type, the user’s browser takes over whatever default action the user has specified for that type of file. Unfortunately, what it should do and what it cfheaddr are two different things. Here is my code: I do not get ‘Save As’ dialogue in IE.

Is there another way to code this? I’m pretty sure that a zipped file would have to evoke the ‘Save As’ dialogue. What else would a browser do with it? However, if there is a cf solution without the custom tag, I’d sure like to know about it.


You are the greatest! The first option did not work. The second one did: Thank you so much! By gmahler5th in forum Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques. By man jackals in forum Macromedia ColdFusion. All times are GMT. The time now is