A module for the IBM i (AS, iSeries) that enables you an easy conversion of print spool files from the IBM i to XML flies. – Spool to XML in seconds!. On iSeries, instead of transferring a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet, use the CPYTOIMPF command to create a CVS text file that can be easily loaded into. This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and.

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The newly copied data is added to data existing in the member. This ultimately saves your time and money by moving your business away from paper-based documents and by distributing information via electronic formats.

CoolSpools software can convert your spool file data to XML, ready to be imported into your web applications. Need to incorporate along with traditional spool files. Home Posts tagged “spool file converter”.

Creating PDF files from spool files | – From AS to IBM i

The system saves this data in a spooled file. Simon Hutchinson April 8, at 4: Randall Ames March 31, at 8: If you can generate a spool file with Hebrew characters I do not see why this would convret work.


Bob Schaefer March 28, at KJB March aw400, at CPF Duplicate job names found. For IBM i 6. CPF Copy request failed. Above article is good to a created PDF.

The newly copied data replaces all old data in the member because all old records have been cleared. Find out more at http: Just now reading this thread If no current library entry exists in the library list, QGPL is used. While there are still many of us who would rather read a printed document than looking at the same document on a computer monitor, the main benefits of CoolSpools are the money saved, the easy access you have to your spooled files and the positive impact on the environment by refraining from printing unnecessarily.

Markus During June 8, at 3: Very helpful article Simon! Simon Hutchinson October 7, at 2: This value is not allowed for spooled files which exist on primary or secondary auxiliary storage pools. Creation date date Specify the date the spooled file was created. Your Excel files can be formatted for you, with color-coding and even conditional formatting. I use this sequence: Apart from producing bespoke reports, the Spool Converter also enables the originator to password protect and encrypt the outputted PDF files, as well as adding restrictions to the PDF and including digital signatures to authenticate the report and show it has not been tampered with.


Using that file this worked. Job name name Specify the name of the job that created the spooled file. Graphics data is lost. User Name Qualifier 3: Ad400 trick is not in making the PDF out of the spool file, but in placing the resulting PDF in a network directory after the creation The range of valid line numbers is 1 through Importing data into Excel.

Converting a spooled file to PDF

It will facilitate efficiency and transparency across your organisation and help your business to meet targets and analyse your operation in a more efficient manner. Specifies which print control characters if any are to replace the spooled file’s internal print control characters. Anonymous November 13, at 1: However, with the CoolSpools Spool Convet solution, you can automatically generate reports to PDF files and distribute them electronically or publish them in the cloud.