Cinemax has revealed the development of Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory, a sequel to the mystery adventure game Daemonica. Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory is a sequel to Daemonica, but does not require you to be familiar with the content of thr original. Daemonica. by One of the seven Back!?!!?? Add to Favorites. Pages. 2 . Updates. On Hiatus. Last Update. 9 Months Ago. Fans. Readers. 6.

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Nov 26, Grecia Robles rated it really liked it Shelves: So if you liked them in the book 1 as much as I did, you won’t be disappointed with this one. Dec 18, Shawna rated it it was amazing Shelves: He’s loya I’m gonna start out this review again with a thank you to Annie for pushing daemonicw to read this series.

Could this have been a little less awesome? Desire Unchained was a great second installment in the Demonica series and another great story about another great Seminus demon. The chemistry and tentative connection between secondary characters Kynan and Gem is sweet and heartbreaking. I felt like I couldn’t find the right words to describe my feelings after finishing this book.

The folks of Cavorn have been since then lighting up tho candles for Nicholas and Helen followed by prayer for Nicholas’s soul. Hard where she was once soft. The Witcher Card Game. I even made up words like, awesomanity, smexalicious, and some I cant even spell. Now, if you’re turned off by BDSM, you’ll probably still be okay with this book. I hope the next one’s better than this.


Though it has some faults, they are very small daemonlca don’t really detract from the great story. Shade find himself in a dungeon with a beautiful woman, Runa, who just happens to be one of his ex-girlfriends. There were so many things to love about this book! Their reunion is not under good circumstances, as they have been imprisoned by Ghouls, demons who harvest organs from other demons and sell them on the black market.

Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory Unveiled

Otherwise, Shade and Runa’s relationship just pissed me off. It was when she ran out of the apartment in tears, she was attacked by daemoniica warg and infected with lycanthropy.

By Metascore By user score. If he decides to trust her they live happily together and Nicholas can have a normal life thanks to her.

Worthplaying | ‘Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory’ Unveiled

Not only that but she’s a werewolf! Dungeon Slade wakes up in. Guilt that he was responsible for the deaths of his sisters because he left their nest unattended. Ky even asks her why she’d wait for him as she deserves so much better but she insists on him.

View all 22 comments. Top down view eaemonica well for me, soemthing different in an adventure game. To compound the mess even after said wife is gone and she throws herself at him repeatedly he continuously blows hot and cold and admits to. Also, Gem and Kynan’s story continues and it just gets better and better.

Desire Unchained

Shade wasn’t my favourite brother but he started to grow on me more and more as I read. I absolutely cannot stand cheating heroes.

The story is unique and intelligent. Ione is creating a rather large story out of these two characters. Ky finally realizes he wants to be with Gem and tells her that he wants to date her and the fucking Army has to come in and take him away!

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The whole concept was a turnoff and the scene where Shade “helped” Runa made me cringe. She is so fierce, spunky, and full of life without being annoying and I couldn’t help but think how perfect these two are for each other.

The three brothers, Shade, E. If the player kills her the world is saved but Nicholas loses any chance of getting a normal life. Dark moody soundtrack fit beautifully with the depressed village.

The females come out of it healed by having their worst emotions and regrets taken way, giving them the ultimate orgasm that last forever, a pure conscience. Is it possible to be speechless all over again? The romance is fantastic, but it’s not the only element that sticks out.

I appreciated the idea of the Underworld General Hospital that treats demonkind. She pissed me off a bunch of times throughout the book but she was strong and spunky and intelligent, she made me love her, and I daemonlca watching her go from hating Shade and willing to betray him to realizing she’s always loved him and turning her back on the Army to be with him.

He’s loyal, dedicated to his brothers, strong, protective, beautiful, and capable of so much love.