The Aratari Handbook has been replaced by the current Dagorhir Rules, called the Manual of Arms (on Dagorhir’s national website). The Manual of Arms. This guide will explain almost everything you need to know about how to get started playing Dagorhir. The Rules. The rules, or the Manual of. Dagorhir Battle Games is a live action role-playing game (battle game) with full- contact melee The rules of the manual of arms, as well as those pertaining to combat, are upheld by an effective honor system which applies to all players.

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Consider this a work in progress started from Chicken’s post. The Rules differences between Dagorhir and Belegarth are very minor, but some do exist. In order to ease crossing over between the two groups the following table dagorhjr been compiled and is accurate as of December No blade dimensions, just hit test Blade min dimensions: Minimum weapon length is 12″ overall; minimum blade length is 6″ Differences in Combat: Worn weapons, garb, etc.


Fighters generally call ‘garb’ to indicate a shot that tangled in clothing or weapons, and would not have impacted a valid target area.

A shot striking dayorhir garb, a worn weapon, etc.

Dagorhir Belegarth Rules Comparison

Fighters may not call garb. A blow solidly impacting multiple areas can only damage one, take the more disabling area Unclear, may be either, a blow solidly impacting multiple areas dagorhhir all solidly struck areas or as in Belegarth Disabled weapon arm allows swapping weapon to good hand Magic Switch OK Disabled weapon arm, drop the weapon No Magic Switch Leather can only initiate grapple with leather, chain, plate.

Chain only with chain, plate. Can’t initiate grapple while in armor.

Dagorhir Battle Games: The Aratari Handbook

Shield bashing, checking and kicking are allowed. A person may not Bash, Check or Shield Kick an opponent’s rear quadrant.

Shield pushing or incidental contact in an opponent’s rear quadrant is allowed. Can’t shield bash a gimp, though you can check them. Can check from behind but still not bash. Kicking a buckler is not discouraged.


Must keep one foot on the ground during a shield kick. Retrieved from ” http: Views Page Discussion View source History. For Craftsman How to Build.

Dagorhir – Wikipedia

No flail head weight requirement, min circumference 15″, less than 1. Axes, flails, maces, polearms, and the like must have “enough padding to prevent injury” on non-striking, non-handle areas. Axes, flails, maces, polearms, and the like must have striking surface-level padding everywhere but the handle.

Unclear, may be dagothir, a blow solidly impacting multiple areas damages all solidly struck areas or as in Belegarth. Leather can only initiate grapple with leather, chain, plate.

Anyone carry bows or arrows may not grapple, but may be grappled by unarmored opponents – MoA 4.