First UK Passivhaus to be built with cavity wall construction. • Design & build project led by Green Building Store. • Denby Dale, West Yorkshire • Private. The Case Study I have chosen is the Denby Dale Passivhaus. The rationale behind this decision was mainly due to the wealth of resources provided. Design Case Study. Denby Dale Passivhaus was built for a private client who wanted a three bedroom detached house, built to a strict budget of £, on an.

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This is achieved by use of a sophisticated heat exchanger driven by two very efficient fans. Earthwool DriTherm Cavity Slabs are BBA Certified for all exposure zones and formally guaranteed for 50 years to prevent the transmission of liquid water from the outer masonry leaf to the inner masonry leaf.

The aim of building this property was to provide the construction industry with an easy to use template to build a low energy Passivhaus using techniques and materials passivhauss are familiar to the British workforce.

By Green Building Store. Maximising airtightness Passivhaus buildings require very high levels of airtightness 0. We use cookies on our website.

Rather than using energy, it is about making the most of the small energy that you need. A local Green Party councillor Andrew Cooper has been working on a policy to introduce Passivhaus as a requirement on any land sold by Kirklees council. Built by Green Building Store’s construction division – Green Building Company – the project is the first certified Passivhaus in the UK to be built using cavity wall construction and has pioneered the combination of British vernacular construction methods with the German low energy Passivhaus design methodology.

Earthwool DriTherm Cavity Slabs are flexible enough to eliminate air gaps and prevent heat loss due to their inherent ability to knit together at joints between the slabs. Airtight measures include west plaster barrier applied inside the walls, minimising shrinkage between wall and floor and use of airtightness tapes and membranes.


Denby Dale Passivhaus: Derrie O’Sullivan

Energy is not going to come down in price in the foreseeable future. I did more or kess the same in my house 20 years ago and am equally happyno energy bills at all many solar panels and the most deny house one can imagine. Green Building Store will never sell your data and your data will be safeguarded in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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It optimises heat from the sun and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery MVHR provides constant fresh air and helps retain the heat inside the house. Green Building Design Why ‘Green’? If rigid insulation is used and fitted badly with dfnby many gaps, air movement around and between the insulation boards is increased, which can drastically reduce its insulation value.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn youtube. Ecopassiv – Passivhaus compatible windows. The design team preferred to put resources into Passivhaus energy efficiency measures rather than micro-renewables.

There are no draughts or uneven temperatures. Architype Kirklees Media School: Dear Geoff and Kate, Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement to those of us who hope to follow in your footsteps with Passivhaus. Many thanks, Murray — Penzance.

We like to hope that those visits have helped people on their Passivhaus journey, just as were we helped when we first visited Passivhaus homes in Austria. deenby

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For the Denby Dale Passivhaus this meant design detailing for windtightness andcareful installation of insulation. It wins on comfort, it wins on denbg, it wins on sustainability. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cookies This site uses cookies: We have always said that we wanted to make the Denby Dale Passivhaus available to visitors as a resource.


E2 Architecture The Larch House: Today the house is a warm and comfortable 21 degrees inside, 10 degrees outside. Making buildings better Products and support for energy efficient homes and buildings. Has progress been made?

Only vested interest could explain the unpersuaded Passivhaus sceptic! Want to see more like this?

Denby Dale Passivhaus: Derrie O’Sullivan

The first winter was a very cold winter and we just turned up the heating and the house sometimes overheated up to 26 degrees in the upstairs rooms! We went away to a country cottage in Cornwall a couple of years ago. Subscribe to Archello’s newsletter. The Denby Dale Passivhaus in West Yorkshire has sought to provide a solution to the urgent need to drastically cut the CO2 emissions from buildings in the UK and has tried to create a low-cost and easily replicable template for low energy Passivhaus construction, using techniques and materials familiar to British builders.

Denby Dale Passivhaus

You have to experience the comfort of a Passivhaus for yourselves to understand how different it feels from a standard building. The house runs itself. Where did you hear about us? Thanks for your write up on your beautyfull passivhouse.

One of our big challenges is getting Passivhaus supported in Government. He then noticed that a thin grille on the outside of the inlet duct was clogged up with seeds and leaves from the garden.

We are aware that Kirklees Council is exploring a Passivhaus policy for its own land but this has not yet been finalised.