Download/Embed Table | Unique region found in oguC from publication: shape the highly chimeric mitochondrial genome of a cybrid plant. Article. Nov Descarga. Resumen OGUC. Resumen-normas-de-accesibilidad-contenid Descarga. Emplazamientos de Obras. Manual Práctico de Construcción LP. Descarga. Valores Unitarios, MINVU Mayo Tabla que Fija Valores Unitarios para el cálculo de los Derechos Municipales. RE fija valores. pdf.

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Clasificación de las construcciones

November 11, ; Accepted: Technical basis for Emergency Housing and Regulation are available. Finally, Figure 7 shows a summary of technical criteria for habitability Shelter that comprises:. The temperature was measured by thermocouple on the side exposed to xescargar and infrared radiation in the unexposed side. Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo Also in the north the rear access doors are higher, reach the floor Figure 4allowing better ventilation.

According to this statement, the tested element must be descafgar under normal operating conditions, in order to reproduce, during the test, a similar system of embedding, supports and loads ogyc which it has to be subjected.

This percentage of framing includes headers, which are typically 4 percent of the wall area, plus studs, plates and full-cavity width blocking. With no requirements in the past, these requirements were first set for roofing complex 2, and later for walls, ventilated floors and maximum window areas 2, This means that the contribution of the plasterboard panel is at least 15 minutes, although individually plasterboard 10 mm may be assigned a shorter fire resistance according to table 7.

Retrieved August 27,from Retrieved August 27,from http: Framing that dsecargar not bridge the insulation e.


The exterior finishing protection systems have been upgraded according to the climatic conditions in each zone. Once the total thermal resistance R T was obtained the thermal transmittance U of the SIP64 panel was determined as follows:. Ministerio de la Vivienda. Proyecto Viviendas de Emergencia, Parte 1: Determined by the instant in which the element can no longer continue to carry the load bearing function for which it was designed.

Air, water and wind tightness Fire Resistance Conditions of thermal comfort OGUC Acoustic insulation as a consequence of compliance with the other priority criteria Durability of at least 5 years Overloading of wind, snow and earthquake as regulations.

Move towards to the transient habitability timeline, from the disaster and evacuation to definitive solutions. The Impact of the Chilean Earthquake of Introduction Shelter, is a kind of house that actually has no technical regulations to establish minimal comfort criteria as they do not depend from de Ministry of Housing but from Interior Ministry.


This rate F60 is achieved by incorporating two sheets of 10mm plasterboard on each side with wooden racks and filled with mineral wool solution 5. Title 4 from chapter 3 of the OGUC, states that all buildings must meet minimum standards of fire safety, in order to facilitate rescue of occupants, minimize the risk of fire, prevent the spread of and facilitate fire-extinguishing fires.

Latin American Perspectives, 44 4 Challenging the Capabilities of the Neoliberal State. Advanced framing – Construction guide, Ma, In effect, since 2, Ministerio de la Vivivenda,this amendment provides that the envelopes shall have a thermal transmittance “U ” equal to or less, or a total thermal resistance ” Rt ” equal to or superior to the set for the area in question according to Table 3.


Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo. Thickness of the layer of homogeneous material [m].

In Chile there is a gap that needs to be filled in order to have a positive impact upon emergencies, particularly in 203 houses EH In this study were evaluated the properties of a prefabricated prototype based on a “Structural Insulated Panel” 64mm thick SIP64descatgar by two OSB panels bonded with a two component polyurethane adhesive to a high density expanded polystyrene core.

However it fails to classify as F60 when another layer of the same material plaster board on the outer face is added solution 4. This applies in this case for roof and walls.

Therefore, it is necessary to propagate studies, research and information on industrialized housing construction techniques, such as wood frame Almeida et al. Disaster risk perception in urban contexts and for people with disabilities: The Table 1 shows the requirements for dwellings.

In this study were kguc the properties of a prefabricated housing prototype with 64mm thick panel based construction technology known as “Structural Insulated Panel” SIP desxargar SIP64which was built by two 9.

Table 10the F15 SIP75 classifies as F30 if a 10mm thick plaster board is added at the fire exposed side. This panel was manufactured in accordance with NCh