European astronaut Reiter was left behind to make up a part of the EO-13 resident crew on the station. Sunita Williams rode the shuttle to the station, and remained behind with the EO-14 crew; ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter, already aboard the station, was returned to earth. Main mission objectives were delivery of the Harmony module to the station, and exterior work to move the P6 truss to its ultimate location and put the ISS into its full-energy configuration for the primary time. STS-121 was to have flown ISS Assembly mission ISS-9A.1, delivering the SPP with 4 Solar Arrays to the station, and have carried out a crew rotation.. STS-127 was to have flown ISS assembly mission ISS-1E. Flight: Soyuz TMA-10, Soyuz TMA-11, STS-117 ISS EO-15, STS-120, STS-a hundred and twenty ISS EO-16. Sort: Manned spaceplane. Flight: Soyuz TMA-8, Soyuz TMA-9, STS-115. Type: Manned spaceplane. Flight: Soyuz TMA-6, STS-114. Type: Manned spaceplane. Flight: STS-111, STS-111 ISS EO-5.

Type: Manned spaceplane. Flight: STS-113, STS-113 ISS EO-6. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-124 ISS EO-17. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-131A. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-126A. Flight: STS-121A. Spacecraft Bus: Shuttle. Spacecraft Bus: Shuttle. Spacecraft: Endeavour . Spacecraft Bus: Shuttle. Spacecraft: Columbia. Spacecraft: Atlantis. Flight delayed after the Columbia catastrophe. The mission of STS-111 (UF-2 ISS utilization flight) was to swap the Expedition four and 5 crews and ship the MBS Cell Base System and a few inside experiment racks. No crew had been named on the time of the loss of Columbia. If you’ve been considering using massive-scale out of doors digital displays, it’s time to work with the professionals at ADTI Media. The CDC – mentioned in August they imagine booster shots will be needed as a result of rising data reveals that safety towards COVID-19 decreases over time. The truss was to supply structural support for the station’s thermal management radiators, and introduced the whole mass of the ISS to over 200 tons. Reentered over the Pacific about 2150 UTC at the end of its first orbit. Carried out the OMS-2 burn to boost the orbit to 158 x 235 km. The OMS-2 burn at 02:25 GMT positioned the shuttle in a stable 225 x 250 km orbit from which rendezvous maneuvers started. It landed on runway 15 at Kennedy House Middle at 16:32 GMT.

Payload: Discovery F31 / Raffaello. Discovery docked at the Pirs module of the ISS on 28 July 28 at 11:18 GMT. On July 7 the Leonardo cargo module was moved from the shuttle payload bay by the robot arm and docked to the Unity Module of the ISS between 09:Forty two and 11:50 GMT. At the Shuttle RMS robotic arm linked to the big P3/P4 truss in the payload pay and handed it off to the Station’s robotic arm between 14:Fifty two and 15:03 GMT the same day. 22:36 GMT – . 14:39 GMT – . Atlantis landed at Kennedy Space Center at 10:21 GMT on 21 September. Landing was moved up a day ahead of schedule due to concern a hurricane might power evacuation of the Houston Control Center on the originally-deliberate return date. Thus, the researchers concluded that intermittent very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) was extremely effective in attaining optimum glycemic control. Crew: Camarda, Collins, Eileen, Kelly, James, Lawrence, Noguchi, Robinson, Thomas, Andrew. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Camarda, Collins, Eileen, Kelly, James, Lawrence, Noguchi, Robinson, Thomas, Andrew.

Nation: USA. Associated Individuals: Chang-Diaz, Cockrell, Korzun, Lockhart, Perrin, Treshchev, Whitson. Nation: USA. Associated Persons: Anderson, Clayton, Archambault, Forrester, Olivas, Reilly, Sturckow, Swanson, Williams. Return Crew: Anderson, Clayton, Melroy, Nespoli, Parazynski, Wheelock, Wilson, Zamka. Crew: Ashby, Magnus, Melroy, Sellers, Wolf, Yurchikhin. Crew: Bowersox, Budarin, Herrington, Lockhart, Lopez-Alegria, Pettit, Wetherbee. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Bowersox, Budarin, Herrington, Lockhart, Lopez-Alegria, Pettit, Wetherbee. Nation: USA. Associated Persons: Foreman, Halsell, Lawrence, Poindexter, Sellers, Wilson. Nation: USA. Related Persons: Burbank, Ferguson, Jett, MacLean, Stefanyshyn-Piper, Tanner. One face carried fluid, power and information cables, whereas another face carried the rails for the Mobile Transporter. Had handrails for spacewalkers- Mobile Transporter (MT). 2 EMU spacesuits – 240 kg- Bay 4: Mobile Base System (MBS) – 1600 kg. The Mobile Base System was made by MD Robotics of Brampton, Ontario. During the 11-day mission, the crew extended the truss system of the exterior rail line with a 14-m, 13-ton girder.