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A high quality standard is guaranteed by the use of high-quality materials and by the special competence of the employees. General This catalogue provides a general idea of Ruhstrat s standard programme for transformers with fixed transformation ratio, constructed as toroidal core or limb core transformers. Applications deviating from the standard programme are our strong point!

Every product can be tailor-made according to your special application.

Quality Control During its production every transformer has to undergo an intermediate test and after its production it has to undergo a thorough final electrical test; this is always done according to the respectively valid process instructions. According to the quality standard DIN ISO the documentation of the measuring results is effected in appropriate test certificates.

Low loss grain-oriented electrical steel is used 052 the core cde. Depending on customer requirements and specifications the transformer windings can be produced using either copper or aluminum. Both wire and foil conductors can be wound depending on the current that is required.

Insulation materials are chosen according to the required insulation coordination and the insulation class of the materials. Power Power is calculated as the product of secondary voltage [V] and secondary current [A], the result is [kva]. All power specifications refer to the collected power at the secondary side with: The limit values for short-time operation S2 arise from fig.

It has to be ensured that there is a sufficient ventilation resp. With an ambient temperature above 40 C the transformer must not be charged with the full rated current, due to the possible ambient temperature [ C] insulant class B 1,0 0,96 0,92 0,88 0,82 insulant dn F 1,0 0,97 0,94 0,90 0,86 insulant class H 1,0 0,98 0,95 dim 0,90 table 4. With an altitude of installation of more than m above main sea level it is the same as with an excessive overtemperature: This is necessary, dij the smaller atmospheric pressure leads to reduced 053.

Other deviating kinds of load and thyristor power controller operation of the transformers must be considered when they are constructed.

Insulation For long life and high operation safety of a transformer it is very important that no part takes on an inadmissibly high temperature. The insulation of the windings is most sensitive against warmth, as it can only bear a limited temperature with a normal duration of life.

The insulation structure allows the use of transformers in dry rooms. During vds production the transformer has to undergo an impregnation with resin under vacuum and vin it is dried in a furnace.

Through this the transformers are protected against external influences. Admissible Winding Temperature The winding temperature may not exceed the limit temperature which depends on the insulant class. The limit temperature is the highest admissible permanent temperature of the winding at the hottest point.

The limit temperature emerges when adding the ambient temperature 40 Cthe admissible limit overtemperature and a safety addition. Taps on the primary side serve for the adaptation of the transformer to different mains voltage tolerances.

0523 with Autowinding Autotransformers have a winding which consists of two parts.



Both winding parts of the series winding and the 05322 winding, are connected in series and are interspersed by the same magnetic flux.

The autotransformer has the same mode of operation as the transformer with separate winding, which is also called transformer and also allows to step up and down voltages, but no physical separation. In contrast to the complete transformer, there is only a part of the output power transferred from the input winding to the output winding with the autotransformer, by means of magnetic induction. The transfer of the other part of the output power is effected by means of direct current conduction.

Therefore, referring to the autotransformer one distinguishes between transitcircuit diin and structural power. The smaller the difference between input voltage and output voltage, the larger is the structural power. Degrees of Protection Depending on the site of installation and the intended purpose the parts of the transformer which are under 053 have to be protected against accidental touching and against penetration of water and foreign bodies. For this reason, different kinds of protection are distinguished.

The kinds of protection are indicated by a short sign which consists of two reference numbers for the degree of protection. The first reference number gives an information about the vfe degree against touching and penetration of foreign bodies.

The second reference number marks the protection against the penetration of water. Vector Groups of Three-Phase Transformers The combination of the different connection systems for highvoltage winding and low-voltage winding is called vector group of the three-phase transformer.

The vector group consists of at least one capital letter and one small letter as well as of a reference number. If three-phase transformers have a neutral point star point which is lead outside, the vector group is completed by an N or n. The capital letter stands for the input winding, the small one for the output winding. Depending on the connection of the consumer to the winding s beginning or end of the low-voltage side phase displacements from 0 resp.

This phase displacement is stated by the reference numbers 0, 5, 6 and 11, whereas the phase displacement angle is the product of the reference number and the angle of Low loss and cold-rolled sheets for the electrical industry, with privileged magnetic direction, are used as core material.

The windings are made of insulated copper wire. With high rated currents streamlined copper wire and strip copper wire are used.

The other insulations, materials are chosen according to the corresponding temperature stability class. As single-phase or three-phase construction, with separate winding or autowinding autotransformer.

Advantages Dln the production process Ruhstrat Dry-Type transformers undergo a resin impregnation under vacuum with following furnace drying. This insulation makes a higher protection against external mechanical influences possible as well as a long service life and high operation safety of the transformers. Winding If not indicated otherwise, Ruhstrat Dry-Type transformers are delivered with galvanically separated windings. In case of a construction with autowinding autotransformer the structural power is reduced.

The autotransformer is mechanically smaller and therefore it can be produced at lower costs. Plants conceived according to customer s requirements as single and special production with a power range from 0. Degrees of Protection The following standard degrees of protection are possible: Further regulations, as for example certain marine classifications, can be considered upon request. Possibilities of application e. Voltages Ruhstrat Dry-Type transformers can be offered with voltages up to 10, V.


YNyn x or Dyn xgalvanically separated windings Ambient temperature: IP00, open construction, protection class 1 suitable for fitting up to IP23 Accessories: When odering please indicate your required primary and dun voltage, required taps as well as the frequency.

IP23, protection class 1 Accessories: YNyn x oder Dyn xgalvanically separated windings Ambient temperature: Our products operate world-wide in industrial and research facilities. KG, a subsidiary of Eisenmann SE. The brand name Ruhstrat is still used for the development and production of electrical testing technology, voltage optimizers, transformers and resistors for Eisenmann Thermal Solutions Machine and Services.

Ruhstrat has over 80 years of experience in voltage technology and offers modern equipment for protection against voltage dips and for voltage stabilization. Ruhstrat is an expert in voltage optimizing systems as well as for low and middle voltage transformers.



Producing our own transformers with control cabinets guarantees a high and stable quality level in all electrical components. You wish for more information regarding Ruhstrat and our products? Just visit our website: Under the link you will find various means to contact us. It goes even quicker by scanning our QR-code shown on the left side using vdee smartphone or tablet. Our sales team will be most pleased to consult you regarding all questions to our products.

KG I All rights reserved. All texts, photos and images are subject to copyright vre other laws for the protection of intellectual property.

All information, descriptions 05532 illustrations are subject to technical modification, especially with a vdf toward the further development of our products in accordance with the current state of the art.

There will be no special announcement of changes to information, descriptions and illustrations. Technical characteristics can vary from country to country. I am proud of the accomplishments of our team?

Current Transformer Voltage Transformer Content Common technical description 1 Summary with rated output Tube current transformer 5 Plug-In current transformer Wound current transformer 9 Summation. Presentation of the France Transfo factories Vdee Transfo’s internationally recognised and highly esteemed expertise is today exported to more than 80 countries throughout the world.

Over the past It offers high modularity, unmatched. HERZ-Thermal Actuators Data SheetIssue Dimensions in mm 1 00 1 01 1 18 1 80 1 81 1 80 1 81 1 00 1 00 1 11 1 10 1 23 1 General This English-language version is derived gde the original bilingual.

Other international standards, including. Dry-type transformers This English-language version is derived from the original bilingual publication by leaving out.

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The products are developed together. Coordinate with short-circuit studies. Incorporated transformers Single-phase transformers up to kva Three-phase. Other languages are a translation of the original instructions.