Jul 31, A questo e ai due attacchi legati al terrorismo islamico compiuti a luglio in Baviera ha fatto riferimento il presidente tedesco in un discorso al. Papa Giovanni XXIII scrisse un’Enciclica con la quale non si . 12 Discorso al Deutscher Bundestag, Berlino (22 settembre. ): AAS Il discorso del papa ai cattolici tedeschi impegnati nella Chiesa e nella . I discorsi al Bundestag e ai rappresentanti della Chiesa evangelica di.

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Diciamolo ancora con altre parole: I am similarly confident that the Paris Conference on Climatic Change will secure fundamental and effective agreements. Human beings who are easily discarded when our response is simply to draw up lists of problems, strategies and disagreements. A war which is taken for granted and poorly fought. In un certo senso, la storia viene in aiuto alla Chiesa attraverso le diverse epoche di secolarizzazione, che hanno contribuito in modo essenziale alla sua purificazione e riforma interiore.

Non aspettare che la Chiesa faccia qualcosa per te, comincia tu.

“È nuovamente l’ora di togliere coraggiosamente ciò che vi è di mondano nella Chiesa”

The United Nations is presently celebrating its seventieth anniversary. The history of this organized community of states is one of important common achievements over a period of unusually fast-paced changes. Nella sua stanza discodso sedia dove studiava era rotta. Lo ricorda la prima lettura: Oggi Dio ci parla di vittoria e di sconfitta.

I began this speech recalling the visits of my predecessors.

The present time invites us to give priority to actions which generate new processes in society, so as to bear fruit in significant and positive historical events cf. Through you, I also greet the citizens of all the nations represented in this hall. I can only reiterate the appreciation expressed by my predecessors, in reaffirming the importance which the Catholic Church attaches to this Institution and the hope which she places in its activities.

And so it will, if the representatives of the States can set aside partisan and ideological interests, and sincerely strive to serve the common good. Nella testata, un particolare dei mosaici della basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Roma, V secolo, con raffigurata la Gerusalemme del cielo.


“È nuovamente l’ora di togliere coraggiosamente ciò che vi è di mondano nella Chiesa”

Without claiming to be exhaustive, we can mention the codification and development of international law, the establishment of international norms regarding human rights, advances in humanitarian law, the resolution of numerous conflicts, operations of peace-keeping and reconciliation, and any number of other accomplishments in every area of international activity and endeavour. God bless you all.

Allora il diavolo ha le porte aperte. All of them expressed their great esteem for the Organization, which they considered the appropriate juridical and political response to this present moment of history, marked by our technical ability to overcome distances and frontiers and, apparently, to overcome all natural limits to the exercise of power.

The need for greater equity is especially true in the case of those bodies with effective executive capability, such as the Security Council, the Financial Agencies and the groups or mechanisms specifically created to deal with economic crises. In wars and conflicts there are individual persons, our brothers and sisters, men and women, young and old, boys and girls who weep, suffer and die.

Once again, following a tradition by which I feel honored, the Secretary General of the United Nations has invited the Pope to address this distinguished assembly of nations. Ma padre Pino aveva ragione: Smettete di pensare a voi stessi e ai vostri soldi. Solo dando la vita si sconfigge il male. The misuse and destruction of the environment are also accompanied by a relentless process of exclusion. Ecco la vittoria della fede, che nasce dallo scandalo del martirio.

Questa via finisce sempre male: We need to ensure that our institutions are truly effective in the struggle against all these scourges. To this end, there is a need to ensure the uncontested rule of law and tireless recourse to negotiation, mediation and arbitration, as proposed by the Charter of the United Nationswhich constitutes truly a fundamental juridical norm.

The future demands of us critical and global decisions in the face of world-wide conflicts which increase the bundesttag of discotso excluded and those in need. The experience of these seventy years since the founding of the United Nations in general, and in particular the experience of these first fifteen years of the third millennium, reveal both the effectiveness of the full application of international norms and the ineffectiveness of their lack of enforcement.


These realities should serve as a grave summons to an examination of conscience on the part of those charged with the conduct of international affairs.

Oggi abbiamo bisogno di uomini e di donne di amore, non di uomini e donne di onore; di servizio, non di sopraffazione. Volete dare la vita, senza aspettare che gli altri facciano il primo passo?

Merkel al Bundestag: “Nato rinforzi la presenza nei Paesi Baltici”

This common home of all men and women must also be built on the understanding of a certain sacredness of created nature. Consequently, the defence of the environment and the fight against exclusion demand that we recognize a moral law written into human nature itself, one which includes the natural difference between man and woman cf. Oggi, davanti a lui domandiamoci: Si tratta qui forse di un rinnovamento come lo realizza ad esempio un proprietario di casa attraverso una ristrutturazione o la tinteggiatura del suo stabile?

Francis Speeches September. Esiste un bisogno di cambiamento.

Nel vostro ambiente di lavoro difendete volentieri la discprso della vostra fede e della Chiesa, cosa non sempre facile nel tempo attuale. A corruption which has penetrated to different levels of social, political, military, artistic and religious life, and, in many cases, has given rise to a parallel structure which threatens the credibility of our institutions. Padre Pino era inerme, ma il suo sorriso trasmetteva la forza di Dio: The classic definition of justice which I mentioned earlier contains as one of its essential elements a constant and perpetual will: As Paul VI said: