reCAPTCHA for Nette Framework. Contribute to uestla/ReCaptchaControl development by creating an account on GitHub. On-the-fly generated web images for your Nette app – dotblue/nette-webimages. Integrace Gopay pro Nette Framework dev, dev- master, , nette/forms: ~|~ Dokumentace k této verzi se nachází zde .

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Dokhmentace return to the home page and try again. For example, this is definition of service named database which is PDO instance: Parameter catchExceptions decides if the error presenter will be invoked. For instance, we can change class of service application. First connection services are passed through autowiring, however we can turn it off by autowired: This parameter contains an array with rules for converting presenter name to the class name.

The configuration file is place where we add definitions of our own services in section services. Nette automatically registers presenters as services. The errorPresenter specifies the presenter which is invoked when an error occurs.


Other non-autowired connections can be passed explicitly in the configuration: It automatically starts the session only if it already exists. This behavior may be unwanted in certain situations for example if you are developing a facebook application.

Change the expiration time as follows:. Option silentLinks specifies Nette behaviour in the debug mode when a link generation fails.

If we want to disable or overwrite this configuration option, we need to use! You can set all PHP directives in camelCase format. Change the expiration time as follows: Changing this configuration option to true will suppress this error.

Nette 2.4-20180918 API

Dokmuentace Tracy version 2. Routing Routes are typically defined in RouterFactory, such class can be found in a sandbox. All these settings affect the contents of the DI container and the system services it creates. Content Security Policy script – s rc: You can override this setting by frames: Value scanDir contains an array with directories where Nette looks for the presenters.

Přejděte na Nette » phpFashion

Database Mandatory item is only dsn: Default mailer is SendmailMailer. BlueScreen is logged logSeverity: Nette has a several extensions, e. Article is contained inside the Front module. In the configuration file, we can define more than one database connection: The scanComposer specifies if Nette should look for presenters in the Composer classmap. Custom macros may be passed either as a class name or as dokumentce service reference.


Application Errors The errorPresenter specifies the presenter which is invoked when an error occurs. We can also adjust this behaviour using class property Presenter:: Have fun trying out the syntax.

Automatic registration of presenters Nette automatically registers presenters as services.

Přejděte na Nette 2.1

For more informations see CSP documentation. Using extensions, the configuration file can be enhanced by additional sections dokuumentace which we can configure additional components or modify the DI container.

We can find an example in the sandbox.