In June Eddie’s wife, Paula Gilfoyle, who was eight and a half months pregnant, committed suicide by hanging herself in the garage of their home in Upton. The meeting is part of an odyssey that began 16 years ago and will continue until the prisoner, Eddie Gilfoyle, is cleared of a crime he says he. Law: the expert view Eddie Gilfoyle’s case demands immediate action Justice on trial Eddie Gilfoyle free after maintaining innocence for 18 years in jail.

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No such course existed and Gilfoyle has always denied telling his wife that it did. In a later statement, Rydeard gilfiyle he discussed the possibility of finding other significant evidence, “such as ropes”.

Ironically, Halford was responsible for promoting Paul Caddick to sergeant and describes him as a “fine officer who has lost a career because of the Gilfoyle case”.

He later told investigators that his action was taken to “preserve her dignity”. Watch on BBC iPlayer here. She retired soon after and now advises the Conservatives on home affairs. Giilfoyle also told two other friends, the day after the death, that she “saw her yesterday in the post office”.

When other police officers arrived at the scene they had no doubt the death was a suicide. Wirral This is why police descended on the Woodchurch Estate today Two men being quizzed over terrifying driving antics in Wirral neighbourhood.

She says a friend was with her at the time and confirms her conversation with a pregnant woman. Gilfoyle’s case has twice been referred back to the court of appeal, but his claim to be a victim of a miscarriage of justice has been rejected.

‘No hope of justice’ for Eddie Gilfoyle | News | The Times

Nineteen days after Paula’s death, on 23 June, a forensic scientist, Phillip Rydeard was at the Gilfoyle home with the police. They took the suicide note to Professor David Canter, a pioneer of criminal profiling in the UK, who considered that it contained characteristics that were consistent with both Eddie and Paula’s writing styles. Reporter Mark Daly looks into whether the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the body tasked with probing alleged Miscarriages of Justice, is fit for purpose.


You are currently logged out. Whatever happened afterwards, there is no doubt that Eddie Gilfoyle was at work — an eight-minute drive from home — at around The case came before the high court in and Channel 4 mounted a defence based on their belief that the Merseyside police investigation into the murder of Paula Gilfoyle was fundamentally flawed.

The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated. All documents that are referred to, such as the original suicide letter, are available to be downloaded on the ‘Case Documents’ page. A booklet about the case, produced by the veteran campaigner Paul MayChair of the Eddie Gilfoyle Support Groupis available for you to download here: Our child, a daughter, would have been 16 now and every day I wonder how she would have turned out,” he said.

Gilfoyle says the worst factor of his wrongful conviction, and the 16 years he has been in prison, is that he has never been allowed to grieve for his wife and unborn child.

Fresh blow for Eddie Gilfoyle as latest attempt to challenge his murder conviction is dismissed

Neither appeal involved the wide-ranging consideration of the efficiency of the investigation by Merseyside Police. He says that, with the single, possible, exception of the Roberto Calvi case, he had not come across an instance of murder by hanging in 38 years’ edfie. Lawyers for Eddie Gilfoyle said there was no hope of gilfolye the truth after he lost his latest attempt to be cleared of murdering his pregnant wife. Gilfoyle was arrested and a murder investigation began. Eddie Gilfoyle served 18 years in prison after being found guilty of a fatal attack on former factory worker Paula Gilfoyle.

Eddie Gilfoyle | Uk-news | The Guardian

He edfie alibis for the rest of the day and the prosecution’s case was that he killed his wife before leaving for work. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. On 4th JunePaula Gilfoyle, 32, was found hanging in the garage of her marital home in Upton, Wirral. Echo Arena One year on: M56 Driver clocked at HUGE speed on the M56 is stopped by police year-old was summonsed to court after car spotted shattering the speed limit. Last year, the Criminal Cases Review Commission CCRCan independent body which investigates possible miscarriages of justice, declined to refer his case back to the Court of Appeal for a further review.


The paragraph marked with an asterisk was replaced to give more detailed information about Professor David Canter’s involvement in the case.

Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. More On Upton Wirral Crime.

‘No hope of justice’ for Eddie Gilfoyle

Already a subscriber or registered access user? In particular, two of her friends said that Paula had told them that her husband was doing a course on suicide at work — he was a hospital technician — and he had asked her to write suicide letters, erdie he dictated. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access.

He interviewed PC Cartwright, who conducted a search of the garage four days after gilfyle death and reported: The hearsay evidence of Paula’s friends was not used in court, but there is little doubt that it influenced the police to treat the death as murder.

The original paragraph said that he judged the letter to be a fake before the trial, but Professor Canter said that this was an oversimplification.

edfie They sit in comfortable ggilfoyle around a small table and, over coffee, proudly show him pictures of the event. She was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. But this is no ordinary family gathering. Following Paula’s death, members of her family approached the police saying they did not believe she had taken her own life. A detective constable cut the rope and laid the dead body on the floor. Following Gilfoyle’s conviction, Canter spoke to Paul Caddick and others and looked at other notes between Eddie and Paula – which he hadn’t seen before the trial.

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