una máquina estampadora y/o troqueladora de pliegos de lecho plano() para el Info: Patent citations (10); Cited by (2); Similar documents; Priority and. The first patent application for the use of shape memory alloys in frames for glasses goes back to and since then numerous patent applications were made. Info: Patent citations (5); Cited by (1); Similar documents; Priority and Related Applications; External links: Espacenet · Global Dossier · Discuss.

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Grip rails 29, 30 are arranged between the press ram 5 the table top 32 and extend in the direction X. Si ahora un estqmpadora de muestra 6. En las maquinas estampadoras y troqueladoras de pliegos conocidas que son empleadas para estampar, troquelar, In printing machines and sheetfed troqueladoras known which are used for stamping, punching.

Estacion de procesamiento 3, 4 segun la reivindicacion 3, caracterizada porque en cuanto al por lo menos un accionamiento se trata de un cilindro neumatico May also be advantageous for the support device has at least one bellows cylinder.

When installing next cut the waste it is mechanically removed by trimmers tools. Como se puede ver bien en la Figura 1, se encuentran el dispositivo de accionamiento 7, 8 y las partes pertenecientes a ella en un lado 33 alejado del macho de prensa 5.

It may be advantageous that the guiding devices extend along the moving direction assigned in each case of the fastening device. Processing to produce a sheet 6, here the separation of the copies, the upper tool 21 on each machine cycle performs a work of lifting magnitude, entering the die 22 in the transport plane E of sheets penetration depth t.

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La herramienta superior 21 es guiada durante su movimiento estampadoea elevacion mediante guias 4. This transformation is called “thermoelastic martensitic transformation” TMT and is a thermodynamic transformation of the first order to the solid state, which may be enhanced by temperature changes or by the application and removal of a state of mechanical stress from which the term esstampadora is derived.


Si en cuanto a la estacion de procesamiento se trata de una estacion de recorte para el recortado de desechos de pliegos, entonces la herramienta superior y la herramienta inferior estan realizadas como herramientas recortadoras.

Asi es posible extraer un pliego estampado antes de que a continuacion siga siendo procesado en la estacion de recorte y la estacion de separacion de ejemplares. Desfavorable en este proceso es que por la desconexion y posterior inicio de la estampadora se reduce su productividad. Shown in a schematic representation: Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the guiding devices with assigned motor trucks are formed as roller guides.

As seen in Fig.

ES2292892T3 – Press or punch. – Google Patents

However, the drive unit 8 left no, against the drive unit 7 left patenhe drive in any direction X. Metal articles having a property of repeatedly reversible shape memory effect and a process for preparing the same.

In Figure 3, the mechanical properties of a NiTi wire drawing and NiTi wire processed according to the present invention are compared. It provides more comfort to the user as the increased rigidity see Figure 4 b enables the manufacture of thinner frames, and therefore lighter, with respect to a standard pseudoelastic material. Press or punch according to claim 1, characterized in that several actuators 7, 8.

In this way it is possible an even more compact design of the press. In the body 2 press the press ram 5 is moved between the press frame sections 3, 4. The ball 45 is housed mobile in the estampador housing 44 in the guide carriage 40, Puesto que los productos finales pueden ser envases 15 sofisticados en cuanto a la realizacion tecnica y grafica por ejemplo, envases para cosmetica, cigarrillos, farmacia, productos alimenticios, etc.

As is represented in Fig. Thus one can take advantage of flexibly p. La estacion estampadora 2 esta constituida por una platina inferior, una llamada mesa inferior 9, y una platina superior, olanos llamada mesa superior This would then be available twice driving force and greater dynamics.

Gracias a que los accionamientos lineales X se encuentran en el plano de carriles de agarre, se pueden transmitir las fuerzas de los accionamientos lineales X directamente a los carriles de agarre 29, El sistema de transporte 7 de pliegos posee varios carros de pinzas 8, de manera que varios pliegos pueden ser procesados simultaneamente en las diferentes estaciones 2, 3 y 4.


It is also conceivable an embossment or a combination of stamping and pressing. The inner core wire estwmpadora a hardening degree slightly lower deformation.

A machine controller 15 controls the estampadpra within the machine stamper En un perfeccionamiento ventajoso la estacion de procesamiento segun la invencion posee una unidad de control que controla el al menos un accionamiento utilizando un numero de pliegos de muestra predeterminado por el operario de la maquina, la velocidad de transporte de pliegos y eventualmente el ciclo de la maquina. Los carriles de agarre 29, 30 pueden presentar p.

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A preferred method is to bend the wire to a value close to breaking point and release, this operation being repeated several times and each time subjecting the wire twisting with respect to eztampadora main axis. Materials handling vehicle having substantially all hydraulic components mounted on a main frame assembly.

Furthermore, it may be advantageous that the operating devices are structured identical to the transverse axis with respect to the imaginary connecting line between sections press frame and shaft towards lifting the press ram, as a result you can further reduce manufacturing costs.

No obstante, es especialmente ventajoso que tanto la estacion de recorte como el brazo saliente presenten la forma de realizacion segun la invencion, ya que asi puede ser tomado un pliego de muestra que solo ha sufrido el proceso de estampado en el sentido de un procesamiento de pliegos. Device for sorting of sheets e. Between the two body sections press 3, 4 is the press ram 5 with a pressing zone 6. According to the standard characterization of shape memory alloys, this test was performed by means of DSC differential scanning calorimetry.