FAAO JO 7610.4 PDF

FAA Order JO – Special Operations; FAA Order JO – Special Aircraft Operations by Federal, State Law Enforcement, Military. GENOT/Notices for ##Special Operations. Notice [ GENOT ], Effective, Subject. Document Change Proposal(s). Cancellation/ Incorporation. Number: JO P (Cancelled); Title: Special Operations; Type: Order; Date Cancelled: August 22, ; Date Issued: August 25, ; Responsible Office.

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The FAA hijack coordinator the Director or his designate of the FAA Office of Civil Aviation Security on duty at Washington headquarters will request the military to provide an escort aircraft for a confirmed hijacked aircraft to:. However, for the purpose of these procedures, the faai “escort aircraft” applies to any military aircraft assigned to the escort mission.

When the military can provide escort aircraft, the NMCC will advise the FAA hijack coordinator the identification and location of the squadron tasked to provide escort aircraft. 710.4 the situation requires an expedited departure of the escort aircraft, the aircraft shall be afforded priority consideration over other departing aircraft.


Order , Special Military Operations

When hijacked aircraft is within FAA radar coverage, escort aircraft shall be controlled by the appropriate FAA facility. When fao hijacked aircraft is not within FAA taao coverage but within military radar coverage, escort aircraft may be controlled by the military for the escort phase only. Separation shall be provided through the application of appropriate altitude reservations as required.

When escort aircraft is under FAA control, standard air traffic control separation shall be applied. In no case shall any clearance or instruction to the aircraft compromise ATC standards. When tanker aircraft are employed, the designated tankers and escort aircraft shall be under FAA control, and appropriate aerial refueling procedures shall apply.

Escort aircraft entering Canadian airspace from the U. Escort aircraft entering U. When the hijacked aircraft is not within the coverage of the NORAD surveillance system in Canada, the escort mission will be discontinued.

When communicating with escort aircraft, ensure that transmissions are made faaao a different frequency from the one being used to communicate with the hijacked aircraft and are not simultaneously broadcast on a frequency which can be overheard by the hijacked aircraft.


If weather conditions or other flight safety factors make the escort mission impractical, the mission shall be terminated by the controller or the pilot, and the FAA headquarters hijack coordinator jk be advised immediately.

The pilot of the escort aircraft will keep the controller advised of adverse weather or any other hazardous conditions. Assure positive flight following. Fxao search and rescue in the event of an emergency.

Faao jo 7610.4 pdf

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