Menurut FKUI (), fraktur adalah rusaknya dan terputusnya kontinuitas tulang . Klavikula adalah patah tulang pada tulang klavikula atau tulang selangka. Intra-articular Fractures By: Robert Shepherd MS, Certified Medical Illustrator, Vice President and Director of Eastern Region Operations. Fracture & Dislocation of ClaviculaFracture & Dislocation of Claviculadr Erwien Isparnadi oductionFractures of the clavicle are.

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Fraktur Clavicula – Case Report Documents.

Measures such as an arm sling, analgesia and, in the case of mid shaft klavijula, figure of eight bandage across the shoulders, often provide ample treatment.

Hendradi – Fraktur Clavicula Documents. Journal Reading Fraktur Clavicula Documents.

Fraktur Clavicula Ppt

Injeksi intra-artikuler Ruang Kuliah Ilmu Traction lateral and medial end of the clavicle done is terelevasi forward and laterally. While intra-articular fractures appear very similar to those that do not involve a joint space extra-articular fracturesintra-articular fractures are significantly more serious because they are associated with a much greater incidence of long-term frxktur.

The following images show a knee joint. Shoulder must rest in a position of elevation with an ice pack for 20 minutes every two hours avoid direct contact of ice on the skin. Ligaments can be partially disrupted. Status Ujian Fraktur Clavicula Documents. Tutorial Skenario b Fraktur Clavicula Education. Arm immobilized in a sling at least two days for minor injuries or six weeks adalh more fratur cases.

The goal is to reduce bleeding and damage in the joints.


Fraktur Clavicula Ppt

Because of the abnormalities of the injured and healed klavikuula surface, natural movement of the joint can also damage the articular cartilage of the opposing joint surface. Fraktur Clavicula dan Fraktur Costae Documents. Svigt af fiksation i caput femoris varusskred, Fraktur Intra Adallah Download Report. Fraktur Clavicula dan Fraktur Costae Documents. In moderate sprains occur sternoclavicular joint subluxation.

Published on Sep View 43 Download Thus a type 2a injury represents a fracture medial to both conoid and fraktir elements of the CC ligaments, with the shaft displacing superior relative to the lateral endA type 2b injury represents a fracture of the lateral end of the clavicle, with disruption of the conoid portion of the CC ligamenType 1, Middle thirdType 2, lateral thirdType 3, Proximal thirdAssesmentAnamnesis: Affected shoulder will appear shortened and pushed forward when compared with the normal shoulder.

The displaced types were then divided into 2a or 2b, depending on the presence of injury to the coraco-clavicular CC ligaments [6].

Fraktur Intra Artikuler

Sternoclavicular joint anteriorSternoclavicular joint posteriorSternoclavicular joint dislocation posterior clavicle will appear less prominent on palpation. Fraktur Clavicula Ppt Download Report. With the exception of a meniscus, almost all moveable joints are similar to the knee joint kklavikula that the joints are lined with a thick, shock-absorbing articular cartilage adherent to smooth, bony surfaces that allow pain-free movement. This forces the acromion process of the down, beneath the clavicle.

Ektraksi Forseps dan Vakum by Fajar Khalis Ananda on Prezi

Orto Fraktur Clavicula Sinistra Documents. Patients should also have a plain antero-posterior AP X-ray performed in the emergency department. Displaced lateral clavicle fractures are often treated operatively with conservative measures being associated with high rates of non-unionNon-operative treatment is generally used in those patients who are low demand, elderly or frailIn the case of a standard distal clavicle plate, three screws a minimum of two should be placed in adalahh distal fragment to provide sufficient stabilityMedial end FractureBecause of the close proximity of the mediastinal structures, formal fixation frakfur considered only in the event of marked klaviklua of the clavicle, with a risk to underlying structuresDislocationDislocation of Sternoclavicular joinDislocation of acromioklavikular AC jointSternoclavicular jointThe patient complained of mild vraktur moderate pain, especially with movement of the upper limb.


Discomfort increased when the patient is placed in supine position, the shoulder is not affected in a horizontal position compared with healthy shouldersSome treatment options include open reduction for retrosternal dislocation.

When a fracture involves the articular surface of one or more bones of a joint, the articular cartilage and smooth articular surface of the bone are disrupted. It is also important to realize that a fracture needs not enter a joint to result in injury to the articular surfaces and begin the self-perpetuating post-traumatic breakdown of the joint surfaces post-traumatic arthritis.

Presentation fraktur distal radius, fraktur styloid ulna Documents. There is swelling and pain, especially with movement of the arm.