In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted — he defines and . Francis Parker Yockey completed Imperium. The formidable task of. Francis Parker Yockey (18 September – 16 June ) was an American philosopher and polemicist, best known for his neo-Spenglerian book Imperium. Francis Parker Yockey (—), alias Ulick Varange, was an American Nazi His book Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics.

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San FranciscoCalifornia. He studied for two years —36 as an undergraduate at the Pakrer of Michiganand then transferred to Georgetown ‘s School of Foreign Service. Aug 23, Innsmouthful rated it it was ok.

Unlike most of the postwar far right, during the Cold War he advocated neo-fascists align with the Soviet Union rather than with conservatives in the United Statesviewing the USSR as a pure white nation with a totalitarian political system that had been purged of Jewish influence by Josef Stalin. Did Yockey want to be the new Spengler or a kind of St. No other work in defense of the West possesses the eloquence, erudition, passion and mystique of Imperium.

Francis Parker Yockey – Wikipedia

The Law of Protection and Obedience Chapter farncis From this point forward, he remained dedicated solely to his cause of reviving Fascism. Dec 28, Wulf Grimsson rated it it was amazing. Excellent book to understand the West, its past and its future. Bezymianny rated it liked imeprium Sep 15, League of Nations Chapter Political Organisms and War Chapter Yockey believed that the United States was an engine of liberalism, controlled by Zionist Jews.


Francis Parker Yockey

Oswal Spengler’s Decline of the West should be read before to truly understand Yockey’s work though. View all 3 comments. Imperium deals with doctrinal matters as w This is Yockey’s famous masterpiece. Many supporters of Yockey, such as H.

For concerns on copyright infringement please see: Without notes, Yockey wrote his first book, Imperium: Nation and Rationalism Chapter While in prison, he was visited by the American Rightist Willis Cartowho later became the chief advocate and publisher of Yockey’s ideas. This article needs additional citations for verification. Unless framcis noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: Yockey became embittered with Sir Oswald Mosley after the latter refused to publish or review Imperium upon its completion, after having promised to do so.

The Law of Political Plenum Chapter The Origins of America Chapter Cultural Vitalism – Culture Health Chapter What is written here is also for the true America, even though the effective America of the moment, and of the immediate future is a hostile America, an America of willing, mass-minded tools in the service of the Culture-distorting political parier total enemy of the Western Civilization.

This proposed alliance is referred to as a Red-Brown Alliance the color red representing the far-left and the color brown representing the far-right. ZyklonBen rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Race and Policy Chapter Return to Book Page.

Francis Parker Yockey – RationalWiki

He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Arizonaand graduated cum laude from the Notre Dame Law School in Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? Eventually, he was fired for “abandonment of position” in November It is dedicated to ‘The hero of the twentieth century’; allegedly, he intended that description to apply to Adolf Hitler.


Culture-Retardation in America Chapter Yockey, was just 30 years old when he wrote Imperium in six months in a quiet village on Ireland’s eastern coast. Want to Read saving…. The Political World Chapter A magisterial work of matchless prose, with historical insight on every page, it skewers Allied wartime propaganda, and philosophizes with a hammer in favor of a coming Western empire of “absolute politics.

That group formed the basis for the National Youth Alliance which promoted Yockey’s political philosophy and his book Imperium. The critiques of Marx, Darwin and Freud are masterful, as well as the chapters on genius and world outlook and Amerika.

Yckey book’s Chicago-born author, Francis P. In lateYockey traveled to Prague and witnessed the Prague Trials.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The War-Politics Symbiosis Chapter Frederich rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Well, what to say about “Imperium”? Larker Rose rated it it was amazing Jun 04, He worked briefly for the Egyptian Information Ministrywriting anti-Zionist propaganda.

How ironic that Yockey’s dream of a united Europe is coming true, on his schedule This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat This page book argues for a race-based, totalitarian path for the preservation of Western culture.