Need to fix your GH Type 4 14″ String Trimmer? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic L-sealers with shrink tunnel. Output up to pph. GH/ – Infeed Conveyor. FP Series; Characteristics. Black & Decker 14″ Grass Hog Xp Trimmer/Edger Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information – ,GHpdf.

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I just ordered a new button that you press in to make the pole longer or shorter, or turn around. Is there a salution to this problem. The Black and Decker GH is very good to use but is limited the the time of use about 20 minutes because if you use more time, the plastic pinion of the motor assembly will melt. As one of my eyelets in the old spool housing was broken, I need to replace the old spool housing with a new one.

This repair video will instruct you how to repair a dirty or damaged spark arrestor on your small engine. Of the two gh10000 that the drive belt goes around, the larger of the two made of black plastic has melted from friction with a damaged belt. Has anyone else had this problem?

Black and Decker GH1000 Type 4 14″ String Trimmer Parts

Hi Jeff, The trimmer head used on these trimmers is a proprietary, built to fit head. Bought in and probably makes no difference?????? Same thing happened to me. One I used and it became distorted and broken.


Is it more force and a heavier driver. The line cutter on the edge of the guard can dulI over time. Also if the lever in the spool is stuck. Do not use this tool far any job except that for which it is intended. This was not a problem on the original spool, which I used for years. You bh1000 have to order the complete motor assembly if you want to replace the pulley. The three screws do not line up to the holes in the main trimmer.

See All 46 Restaurant Gh100 Brands. The motor was fine, but Drive Belt Issue helpingthekids. Some dust created by this product contains chemicals known to the State.

The replacement part slips in and out of the hole. At least I know it wasn’t something that I did specifically. Both of the belt wheels melted and slung the belts. You may try a bearing puller to see if you can get the bearing off with it. We used it a very few times when the wheel housing melted.

You will have to poke a manuall in the label to get to it. I congratulate those who do their own repairs only to realize that it takes an expensive part to replace a cheap plastic pulley.

Black and Decker 14″ String Trimmer | GH |

yh1000 Black and Decker made a short production run on the type number 5, and the say to use the parts from the Type 4. When I took the gh apart a small spring 11 part no. Power Ggh1000 Parts Brands. I guess this is meant for light duty trimming but you wouldn’t think so from the promo stuff and the overall “styling”.


There were two other people in with the same problem. Put it all back together.

Or a dual string head that you just replace short pieces of cutter string. It does not use a spring yo make it operate.

Hi djm, I sounds like the feed lever has gone bad. Any improvements on the belt? The belt has slipped off of the big plastic pulley. It’ll be three times as expensive as this trimmer, but hopefully worth it in the long run. The plastic housing warped from normal use and is allowing the motor gear shaft to bend causing the belt to run off. Why do they do this!!! Yes, it will burn gas but it will more environment friendly as it will last for year and years before it goes to landfill.

This is a nice trimmer to use but use it fast before it breaks. Just as others have reported, the belt broke and melted the plastic pulley.

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