Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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The features of GMN spindles are: Aviation It is important to master operating parameters within the limits of technical possibilities in high-performance aluminum machining.

GMN standard tool interface — short taper with flat contact face Lubrication: Hybrid bearings achieve more than twice the life of steel bearings due to their characteristic material properties. Products, designs, materials, accuracies and tolerances Engineering: Motor- and high-frequency spindles are fitted with powerful motors. High-speed grinding spindles for machining small and very small holes. Spindles for these applications such as the HC and HCS series provide the highest precision at very high speed for sometimes micro-precise manufacturing results.

Speeds upto rpm:: The new HVX-s spindles offer the same mechanical rigidity of the HVX series with larger bearings, but with smaller motor power. GMN milling spindles are used in areas such as automobile manufacturing, molds and aeronautics, and provide maximum machining performance as well as precision.


Can I supply several spindles with one lubrication unit? Tool and die manufacturing Spindles for these applications such as the HC and HCS series provide the highest precision at very high speed for sometimes micro-precise manufacturing results.

Balance, type and design of the tools used Maintenance activities Type spkndle design of the lubrication system and quality of lubricating oil Scope and type of use Actual speed range.

In addition, GMN offers customer-specific solutions. Comprehensive, Transparent, On Schedule: GMN spindles are extremely resilient and show their strengths for example in deep hole drilling, or when used in round cycle machines. Here ist pays out to use our mostly own-manufactured high-precision ball bearings.

With wide experience from the user industry, there are some areas of grinding where you do not need high motor power. The topics splndle contents of the training is established to meet customer requirements.

Issue complete 4. Our internal HG high-precision precision class and UP ultra-precision set standards of the highest precision with low measurement tolerances. The nameplate contains the electrical operating data for the spindle see figure.

Supplier of GMN Spindle Technology

Hybrid ball bearings are a material combination of bearing steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls. Can GMN spindles be operated in both rotational directions?


The complete product information, technology declarations and downloadable catalogs PDF are available. Speed sensor for actual speed monitoring:: On top, there ar sensors for measuring vibrations, sensors for speed ymn and chime detection AE sensors. Oil-air lubrication for higher reliability.

Should you have questions which were not answered here, please come to us with your questions. Based on our many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality machine components, GMN has specialized in the area of spindles and the production of high-performance and robust products for various applications.

GMN USA / Spindle Repair Service and Spindle Sales

The spindle may only be operated in spindlf direction of rotation when mounted by a thread in the center of the shaft.

Asynchronous motor Tool interface: Due to cooperation with technical universities and research institutes over the years, GMN is constantly optimizing spindle technology using the latest research data. What does the engraved mark on the connectors mean?