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IEEE Std ™). IEEE Recommended Practice for. Insulation Testing of AC Electric. Machinery ( V and Above). With High Direct. IEEE Std 95 () IEEE Recommended Practice for Insulation Testing of Large AC Rotating Machinery with High Direct Voltage. (This foreword is not a part of IEEE Std , Recommended Practice for Insulation In the Insulation Subcommittee of the IEEE Rotating Machinery .

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On-line and off-line tests M. Showing of 7 references.

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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. This paper has 48 citations.

From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. The mathematical model developed was based on an artificial intelligence technique, more specifically neural networks. High – voltage DC tests for evaluating stator winding insulation: The most usual methodology is the finite element method, or linear regression. In that sense, it is important to pay close attention to overheating, which results from iieee system losses and cooling system inefficiency.


References Publications referenced by this paper. Until recent revisions, the basic procedures and standards in use were written over 25 years ago. The end region of keee stator is the most sensitive part to overheating. Significance of defects found during high direct voltage ramp tests. Topics Discussed in This Paper.

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Since the s, motor windings have encountered many changes in their design 951977 manufacture. Power uprates pose a threat to electrical generators due to possible parasite effects that can develop potential failure sources with catastrophic consequences in most cases.

The calculation of magnetic fields, the evaluation of eddy-current losses and the ieeee of loss-derived temperature increases, are challenging problems requiring the use of simulation methods. The method is applied to determine core-end temperature when power is uprated to Citations Publications citing this paper. Uniform stepgraded stepand ramped test methods.

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Examples of stator winding partial discharges due to inverter drives. Online technique for insulation assessment 95-177 induction motor stator windings under different load conditions Majid MalekpourB. Diagnostic tests Interpretation logic R. Skip to search form Skip to main content. Stone Published in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications IEEE standards and test procedures are widely used by motor and generator vendors and users to commission windings in new machines, as well as evaluate the condition of the winding insulation in operating machines.


In order to address this methodology, a calculation method was developed to determine temperature increases in the last stator package.

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World Journal of Engineering and TechnologyVol. Uniform step, graded step, and ramped test methods. Dhirani, Electrical Insulation for Rotating Machines. This last scenario was also useful to test extrapolation accuracy. Understanding water treeing mechanisms in the development of diagnostic test methods. Detection of stator winding insulation failures: At that point, the temperature value will be compared to with the values obtained using finite elements method and multivariate regression.

Use of AC and DC hipot tests to assess stator winding insulation.

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