Read about Indological Approach of Study of Modernization of Indian Tradition. Guide to Sociology Students. G. S. Ghurye and the Politics of Sociological Knowledge Naicker .. significance to a grand Indological conception of sacred, and indeed sacerdotal, values. scholars are like B.K. Sarkar, G.S. Ghurye, R.K. Mukherjee, K.M. Kapadia, Irawati Ghurye’s Indological Approach hovers around the study of Indian Culture.

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Modern period in which various texts recombined and flowered into a more systematic tradition.

Unknown May 10, at Monthly E-magazine Current affairs Digest. The branch that entered India about B. Lord Shiva Jyotirlings all over the country 3.

Segmental division of the hgurye The texts basically included the classical ancient literature of ancient Indian society such as Vedas, Puranas, Manu Smriti, Ramayana, Mahabharata and others.

There are two approaches to the study of Indian society; one is Indological and other is Sociological approach.

Indological Approach of G.S.Ghurye

It is the second major characteristic of caste through which Hindu social organization and Indian Society penetrates. He considered urban areas as cradle of gghurye. Dumont and Pocock Colonial Policies and Tribes. Skip to main content. After his study, Ghurye emphasis two important points as caste and kinship.

Indological Approach of

Period of Dharmasastras- summed up in manner at the outset and in the Vishnu purana at the end. His writings have enormous diversity of themes and perspectives. Post Vedic indloogy dominated by the laws of the Aryan, the great epics, Buddhist writings.


Modernization of Indian Tradition. He joined Elphinstone College where ghruye did his B. With advancement of society work got divided based on interest. A casteless society or a plural society? Idea of Indian Village. Tribal Communities- Definitional Problems 2. Social Reforms in Colonial rule. He was married to Sajubai of Vengurla, a town near Malwan. Ghurye, Louis Dumont and others. Caste System perspective by Louis Dumont.

Tribes Issues of Integration and Autonomy.


Caste driven by pervasive values. When field studies in many areas of their interest in India became difficult, textual analysis, either of classics or ethics or field notes from an earlier data, represented a fruitful basis for continued analysis of Indian structure and tradition in the s and s Singh, S Ghurye Abstract The objective of this paper is to explain the various terms related to Indological or textual perspective of G.

C Kndology guide Ghurye for his thesis and he completes in Tribes and Modernisation 2.

He died on 28th Dec at the age 90, Mumbai. People came together through 3. Posted by shahid ansari at 9: An Indological and culturological approach has also been the hallmark of several sociologists. Restriction on feeding and social intercourse are still prevalent in Indian society.

His sociology has 3 elements Nationalistic, Diffusive and Indological. Hence, it is a subject of sociological interest. Caste and ClassPolitics. Ghurye, Louis Dumont, K. Ignored the actual structure operating within villages highlighted by other scholars in terms of dominant caste, caste class nexus etc Views on Urbanisation Rejected Louis Wirth’s pessimistic view of urban growth in terms of excessive individualism.


Indological or Textual Perspective of Sociology – Explained

Basically interested in inductive empirical exercises and depicting Indian social reality using any source material —primarily Indological — his theoretical position bordered on laissez-faire. The Indian society can be understood of two different dimensions; one is Indological approach and other is sociological which Ghurye made use of his study and works in contribution to Indian society through these approaches. These chapters largely descriptive and consider caste as it was in the s.

In this context, we are discussing here Radhakamal Mukerjee, G.

T Hobhouse at London school of Economics; there he finds unsatisfied and moved to Cambridge University in ; Ghurye was deeply influenced by W. State and Non State steps to abolish discrimination. Untouchability forms and perspectives.

Hindu culture has local cultures as Kali, Shiva, Vaishnav etc 4. Ghurye studies caste system from a historical, comparative and integrative perspective; later he did comparative study for kinship in Indo- European cultures.

He argued that incorporation of Hindu values and norms into tribal life was positive step in process of tribal development.

Sociological approaches deals with societal activities it can be any kind of institutions family: He did his PhD under the guidance of L. He seems to have believed in practicing and encouraging disciplined eclecticism in theory and methodology. As in it is a scientific study of whole society.