The Twelve Kingdoms is a Japanese series of fantasy novels written by Fuyumi Ono and .. Yoko travels to the world of Juuni Kokki, develops as a person and starts to embrace her new destiny. “Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi Tenshou”. Juuni Kokki (Novel). Login to add items to your list, keep track of your progress, and rate series! Description. Except for her red hair, Youko Nakajima is a typical, . Looking for information on the light novel Juuni Kokuki (The Twelve Kingdoms)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world’s most active online anime and.

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Except for her red hair, Youko Nakajima is a typical, obedient Japanese high-school student.

The story is great, the characters are awesome and I just love the setting! Aug 20, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 03, Courtney rated it really liked it.

Juuni Kokki Novel Translations: A Compilation (Updated 07/24/06): juuni_kokki

But when she does, I did find the answers very interesting and creative. Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan. I thought this was pretty creative book. Junui from ” https: They highlighted human characteristics such as cowardice, ignorance, self-pity, kindness and just about everything else humanly.

While the inhabitants of the Twelve Kingdoms are aware of the existence of our world, the reverse is not true. Login to add items to your list, keep track of your progress, and rate series!

The Twelve Kingdoms tells several stories from the world of the Twelve Kingdoms, located on several islands in another dimension accessible from our world through portals created from naturally-occurring magic though the other way around is normally impossible. We shall always keep on improving ourselves. Each of the Twelve Kingdoms possess their own ruler and its own Kirin, a divine creature which embodies the will of heaven and jjuni entrusted to choose a kingdom’s ruler by Tentei: She later worked certain events from this novel into the Twelve Kingdoms series.


It gave life lessons that are oh so relatable. Another aspect of the story I enjoyed was how the author captured Yoko’s struggle to figure out her identity.

The novels were licensed in the United States by Tokyopop and the first four volumes were released between March and November as part of their Pop Fiction line.

Doesn’t offer any additional insights into the world. I think since the page count was already at a high number, the author mentions the battles and a few pages are given about the rescue, and then had to write an epilogue about how things eventually turned out.

In fact, the darkness of the heart is often the greatest threat to a character’s success and the stability of the relationships they pursue. I never expressed myself to others since I didn’t want to be hated. Yoko’s disconnect in this life is acute, so when she’s brought over to Kou that isolation is amplified.

She doesn’t get in trouble, listens to her parents, and does as she is told. This first novel only scratches the surface of her struggles to curb her displeasure at being thrust into the position of being a responsible monarch.

The first entry in the series, The Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow was published in Japan in ; the most recent volume was released in I want to read more. She is a real I soon found out that the books a seven book series originally written in Japanese were being released in English.

The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow

I’m sure I could have learned a lot from it, if my brain had some basis of prior knowledge. I wanted more of the mystery of how she got there, not so many fight scenes. I love The Twelve Kingdoms world.

At the beginning, main character Yoko is very annoying. Sep 07, Diana rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story’s greatest quality comes the authors ability to communicate the lessons the characters have.


Novels | The Twelve Kingdoms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ciel – The Last Autumn Story. I blamed my parents, my friends, my school, and even my hair for my grievances. On the bright side, this shows how well structured the world works; there is balance and reason. I read the first 2 novels based on a glowing recommendation from a friend, but frankly I found them boring and a chore to get through. Last updated on May 3rd, It was a little nove. You will be glad novdl give this a try!

The license for the series had already reverted back to Kodansha, the Japanese publisher for the series. The events in this story mainly revolve around politics.

Juuni Kokki Novel Translations: A Compilation (Updated 07/24/06)

So, if you loved the anime, which I did, then you will love the books! The publisher will be releasing a book every year Overall 10 Story 10 Art 10 Character 10 Enjoyment The heroine, dragged into the worlds politics, is forced to realize her faults and must seek out change.

It is then the reader’s task to encourage them, sometimes chidingly, to be a better person. The book is fascinatingdespite a somewhat too ordinary beginning.

Al final del libro, la misma Youko dice que desea ser una mejor persona y no se siente apta para reinar, y justamente son esos atributos el querer y poder crecer los que la transforman en una magnifica emperatriz para Kei. Other books in the series. Even if some stuff has an odd pacing and feels out of place I’ve finished the book several times and has taken me two or three days to finish each time.