View and Download Kodak EasyShare DX user manual online. zoom digital camera. EasyShare DX Digital Camera pdf manual download. New KODAK EASYSHARE DX Zoom Digital Camera The DX camera offers automatic as well as fully manual controls, permitting. User manual for the device Kodak EASYSHARE DX Online user manual database.

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Info button 3 Press the Shutter button halfway to set the exposure and focus. You must turn on the camera screen before activating digital zoom. Suggested Retail Price At introduction.

Kodak EasyShare DX7630 zoom digital camera — User’s guide

Dec 30, Simple pro lighting and use tips let you snap stunning photos. The initial “A” stands for Aperture Priority mode, where the user has control over the lens aperture mankal. The DX is light weight as well, at just 9. Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora.

The combination of fully automatic controls with more advanced options makes the DX a good camera for users looking for a camera that’s easy to use, yet has advanced features that they can grow into as their skills develop.

You can also charge the battery using an optional Kodak EasyShare printer dock or camera dock. Enables a index display of images on the memory card or stored in the internal memory. Install the software from the Kodak EasyShare software CD before connecting the camera or dock to the computer.

However, at the wide angle lens position, frame accuracy was better, showing about 90 percent of the final frame. Not finding what you are looking for? The DX offers full manual exposure control, as well as a range of partial manual and automatic exposure modes.


A large Mode dial takes up the lower right portion of the rear panel, kodakk a joystick-like multi-controller button in its center and a small button between two finger ridges that releases the dial for turning. As promised, Sony has delivered an incremental firmware upgrade for its a7 III and a7R III mirrorless cameras that fixes issues found in firmware version 2. Press the Menu button to change other settings.

Kodak EASYSHARE DX7630 user manual

If so, please see this link for further info and a simple fix that may help. A slight bulge on the right side gives your thumb something to rest against as you hold the camera, reinforcing the front handgrip. Explore the images on the pictures pageto see how the DX’s images compare to other cameras you may be considering. You should see a tiny flicker in the center of the lens as the shutter opens and closes.

In Playback mode, the lever controls the amount of digital enlargement applied to captured images, to a maximum of 8x. Close-up Subjects closer than 28 in. Color balance was pinkish with the Auto white balance setting, but exposure was good. Are you a Kodak Camera Expert?

Kodak EasyShare DX zoom digital camera — User’s guide

Dec 28, mobile. The lens extends outward exactly one inch when the camera is powered on. To the left of the Flash button, this easyshage controls the camera’s focus mode, cycling between Normal AF, Macro, and Landscape focus settings. That is, it’s much more evident when comparing the camera’s images to those from a camera with a cooler or more neutral cast, but by themselves, the ‘s photos generally look OK. Press the OK button to play the video.


With a maximum exposure time of 64 seconds and full manual exposure control, the DX is well-suited for low-light shooting. Kodak Professional Image Enhancement Plug-in. A third press brings back the image and information displays. The thumbnails below show a subset of our test images.

Next to the optical viewfinder on the camera’s rear panel, this button calls up the Delete menu in Review mode. Maximum movie lengths depend on the amount of memory space available. The best camera bargains of You can increase the display interval up to 60 seconds. JPEG files are compressed so as to tale less disk space.

Auto-focus framing marks page 9 are not available in Landscape. Trust me, needing this is not a matter of if, but when Oodak best way to download pictures from your camera to your computer involves removing the memory card from the camera and plugging it into a card reader either built-in to the computer or connected via USB or FireWire. Summary of the content on the page No.

Accessed by pressing the Review button, this mode lets you review captured images and movies, as well as dx730 files.