KRPANO: Tutorials: Strana 3D Virtual tour (spherical panoramas °) around the world. If you have never used KRPano you can download the trial version from Then follow the KRPano tutorial to quick learn and practice how to. Krpano Panorama Viewer is a commercial panorama engine, you should buy license for using it. This license is required.

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See more options plugin.

– Documentation – Tutorials

To tugorial KRPano start processing your panoramasimply drag your image s onto the desired droplet option:. Dimona can be reached at Dimonauk camerasandfilm. After opening of “main. Creation of a polygonal hotspot is similar to creation of a point hotspot and all steps are performed in the same order.

Save your new images with the original filename and when you open your tour again, your new images will be the skin implemented on the icons within your virtual tour. Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Options.

How to export panorama on Tumblr Choose the text post button at your Tumblr dashboard left button on the top of the page. Upload the image in. Delete them and the tour will work again. KrPano’s features and tools. Shorten links like https: I will not dig onto parameters details at this point, this is tytorial a basic example. First I’ll have to create a plugin directory. Thanks for your tutorialhow can i use krpano as image viewer to image uploaded by user in website. The structure of the main.

KRPano Supports the following image formats: Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

KRPano Tutorial: How to Create a Panorama or Virtual Tour with krpano

Download and prime the software. Hotspot is an area on a panorama, which reacts on mouse hovering or clicking.


Tuhorial to use a gigapixel image directly will result in so much RAM being used that the system will crash in most scenarios, resulting in a bad user experience and no more work for you. I want tutoril make a plugin that will display a colored square on top of my tour. To complete the tutorial you will require a set of images from a location with which you wish to create a virtual tour.

You will switch to the Hotspot settings window, where you can: But it will be automatically resized to fit the window size. Choose the text tutkrial button at your Tumblr dashboard left button on the top of the page. Its VR capabilities are also impressive, with presets for viewing your work in various head-mounted displays and the ability to create your own presets.

File format – jpg. There is a common action for all types of hotspots – when the mouse pointer hovers the hotspot area, its hint appears as a text at the top of tuhorial screen. How to create a polygonal hotspot Polygonal hotpost – is a polygonal area on a panorama which is a hotspot.

Youtube You can krpzno videoid in the field, or the whole link: In MakeVT hotspots can be used to: After export you may very quick delete white logos in the screen corners, krpank for this you have to open and edit “main. To do this I use Django to print these values in myFirstPlugin. This example creates a small button in the right top screen corner.

When the mouse pointer hovers the hotspot area, its hint appears as a text at the top of the screen.

A circle icon will appear in this place. User can set width and height of window in pixels to set it smaller than the original. We respect your privacy.


If you click on active point, then corresponding panorama is loaded. KRPano created content is created specifically to be consumed by the end user in a browser but you may also use the viewer with the tools to check your content.

If a pano has another aspect krpanno, then it will be uploaded as a cylindrical one. If you will resize the browser window, then the map will be resized too. Transition Click on the hotspot loads another panorama. Items of the list may be used for different actions, but in most cases they are used for kdpano with the links to the panoramas. Its variables within the program can be edited through tutorrial the XML scripts. Some symbols should be used in html code form instead.

Some non-supported rare characters like arabian can crash the tour. If the text will be written without any markup tags, then it will be shown as a uniform paragraph default font – Verdana, font size – Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Combobox plugin adds combobox with drop-down list.

Tutoial droplets are based in the command line so that they do not take up much in the way of system resources. List of some useful markup tags: If everything goes well, you should see our three parameters component in Panotour when you add your plugin: Click on the panorama again to set other points of the polygonal area.

My first plugin KrPano script.