Interlanguage theory is generally credited to Larry Selinker, an American professor of applied linguistics, whose article “Interlanguage”. INTERLANGUAGE. Larry Selinker. Published Online: | DOI: https:// ยท total citations on Dimensions. Selinker-Interlanguage – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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For example, they may deliberately choose to address a non-target form like “me no” to an English intelanguage in order to assert identity with a non-mainstream ethnic group.

The current convergence in linguistic theory: Selinker’s paper only mentioned Corder’s in passing, but it nevertheless advanced his basic argument. Bilingual word recognition in English and Greek. The Inductive-Deductive Controversy Revisited.

INTERLANGUAGE : IRAL – International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

Speech Rhythms in Second Language Acquisition. Volume 18 Issue Janpp. The applied linguist and the foreign language teacher. Second language learning in the zone of proximal development: On the other hand, those who approach it from a sociolinguistic or psycholinguistic orientation view variability as an inherent feature of the learner’s interlanguage. Interlanguage theory is often credited to Larry Selinkerwho coined the terms “interlanguage” and “fossilization.


John Benjamins,pp. Towards an integrated approach to postcolonial and non-postcolonial Englishes.

International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

Transferability and linguistic substrates. This comparison suggests the existence of a separate knterlanguage system. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat Preemption and the Learning of L2 Grammars.

Evidence of dormant features. Volume 53 Issue 4 Novpp. Contrasting Semantic Structures in English and Arabic: Linguistische und psycholing uistische Grundfragen zu ihrer Erforschung.

Larry Selinker

Pushed output in a multi-stage dictogloss task: Key Terms in Second Language Acquisition. Common Ground between Form and Content: Analyzing Late Interlanguage with Learner Corpora: A corpus study of most frequently used English verbs by Chinese beginner learners from a conceptual transfer perspective.

Research on Language Learning Strategies: A prescription for minimizing learner errors: Does practice with dictation improve language skills? By using seliinker comment function on degruyter.

Methods, Findings, and Instructional Issues. Volume 15 Issue Janpp.

Interlanguage – Wikipedia

Selinker’s most well-known contribution to the field of second-language acquisition is the concept of interlanguage. The learner is still trying to figure out what rules govern the use of alternate forms.


Learning How to Support Multilingual Writers. Volume 44 Issue 3 Novpp. Most Downloaded Articles Language learning styles and strategies: Can Two Tongues Live larrt Harmony: Volume 17 Issue Janpp.

Volume 49 Issue 4 Octpp. Knowledge of features in fossilized second language grammars.