The Dice Man [Luke Rhinehart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The cult classic that can still change your life! Let the dice decide! This is. The Dice Man is seemingly an autobiography, narrated by a bored, clever New York psychiatrist, Luke Rhinehart. He is a nerd run mad. INVASION is Luke Rhinehart’s most original, entertaining and controversial novel since THE DICE MAN. A very funny Sci-Fi adventure story, a fierce political.

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The Dice Man – Wikipedia

Give up, I say. If the dice chose it, then somehow that made it possible. Instead, I asked if I could come and stay with him in upstate New York.

I do that a lot, I know. But tje seems empty. At this moment, Invasion is liked very much by most of us, more than our previous books. He pretends to be Jesus while treating men in a mental hospital.

I wanted okay, fine – want to be a cool kid, and that meant means reading more obscure – but good – books than anyone else.

So I read a book to tell me what books to read to be cool. The rape of his neighbour’s wife. The people I recommend it to are those with unconventional philosophies abou The reason why people are disappointed after reading this book must or might be because it’s starting a bit slow; you probably won’t get completely hooked until somewhere in, or after, the middle.

The Girl on the V…. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He sees a die lying under a playing card, and a thought comes into his head: I am not good for a second one. During his years as a university teacher he taught, among other things, courses in Zen and Western literature.


The Dice Man

Dec 02, Manny rated it liked it Shelves: Dude explains to you his greatest idea, which he finds very clever. I got a bit tired by the end. Try to not get too offended and feel like you need to salve your perceived ideological wounds with personal insults directed toward the author: He worked nights in a psychiatric thhe, and considered being a lawyer.

What to tell his colleague Jake about the affair with his wife, if anything.

For other uses, see Diceman disambiguation. Other characters take a back seat to Luke and his dice. When he looks, the die shows a one. He starts treating his patients with methods, and personalities, determined by the dice.

If he wasn’t sure where the story should go, he’d simply roll the lukee and let faith decide.

We weren’t really introduced to the concept of the dice-led decisions in great detail and it seems like it was just a convenient way lukd justifying and writing sexual fantasies. Order by newest oldest recommendations. But over the course of 45 years, it has become a famous book, with devoted fans.

I met an interesting girl at a party once. It’s an unbelievable, amazingunmoral and sexy story of the diceman. Is there any salvation for the dicepeople? So that is a question I would lume answer.

The premises of the book is thus: Every year that goes by, you realise how unimportant everything is. There were a good few things I liked about this book.


But here’s what I think is good about it. Also, the rhinehat loves it, so it’s not really rape. There are few consequences or repercussions for the selfish behaviour that Rhinehart and the other dice-adherents exhibit, and I found the message of the book to be hollow and unsatisfying.

Cockcroft played his part as an avuncular blank who liked dicing and drinking, a sort of Robert Mitchum pastiche; and of Cockcroft, whom I increasingly found more interesting than Rhinehart, there was almost nothing.

TolstoyKafkaHemingway. In it’s anarchic and comic way, the novel asks why we stick to the narrow scripted roles we’re familiar with, when we have the ability to chose from a much wider range of life’s possibilities?

The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

In a deep funk one night, Rhinehart decides to roll a die to determine whether he should rape the wife of one of his good friends. Inhe was involved in a round-the-world voyage in a large trimaran ketch. Jun 24, Catachresis rated it did not like it.

Some of the options range from simple choices to killing his son. Psychologist narrator decides one day to just play with possibilities. She then showed me a tattoo of a die to confirm her passion. In short, I just thought it was absolutely rubbish! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To ask other readers questions about The Dice Manplease sign up.