This sutta gathers various instructions the Buddha gave for the sake of his followers after his passing away, which makes it be a very important set of instructions. THUS HAVE I HEARD. Once the Lord was staying at Rajagaha on the mountain called Vultures’ Peak. Now just then King Ajatasattu Vedehiputta of Magadha. A historical analysis of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta of the. Digha Nikaya of the Pali Canon. by. Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph. D. The Mission Accomplished is .

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Mahaparinibbana Sutta

And when the Lord took his hand away from the bowl they sat down on low stools to one side. As long as mzhaparinibbana monks establish these seven things in themselves, they can be expected to prosper and not to decline.

That is the second stage. Having committed any of them, a bhikkhu should confess his offence, and undertake to restrain himself in the future.

I mahaparinibbaa destroy them, and lay ruin and devastation upon them! We are worthy to receive a portion of the relics of the Blessed One.

Let the Blessed One drink the water!

Placing mahaparinibbaja much faith in contemporary teachers, and repeating their teachings without having done any significant study for oneself is a dangerous road to travel. There has been laid up by Cunda the smith a karma leading to long life, leading to good birth, resulting in good fortune, resulting in good fame, resulting in the inheritance of heaven, and of sovereign power.

The Blessed One called the monks, saying: And leaving the road, the Venerable Kassapa the Great sat down under a tree. Modem interpreters from RD onwards have favoured truffles as a plausible explanation, and some evidence for this has been adduced.

Let the Blessed One now die! And some, with hair disheveled and arms raised, falling down like their feet were chopped off, rolling back and forth, lamented: And after having eaten the meal provided by Cunda, the Lord was attacked by a severe sickness with bloody diarrhoea, and with sharp pains as if he were about to die.


These offences should be avoided too, but they can rightly be called lesser and minor offences. Thus there were eight monuments for the relics, a ninth for the urn, and a tenth for the embers. Full of vivid and moving details, it is an ideal entry point into knowing the Buddha as a person, and understanding how the Buddhist community coped with his passing. Then the Mallas honoured the relics for a week in their assembly hall, having made a lattice-work of spears and an encircling wall of bows, with dancing, singing, garlands and music.

I am tired and will sit down. Bhikkhus can take back excess food to share with others, but this is not always convenient in modern times, and some may think they are being greedy. There the Blessed One addressed the monks, saying: Copy link Copy table Cite. For example, smugglers may spend weeks digging a tunnel to smuggle contraband, only to find that their efforts have been wasted if the tunnel is discovered.

And when the night had passed Cunda had a variety of delicious foods prepared in his own home, and plenty of pork on the turn. That is the third stage. That is the fifth stage.

Mahāparinibbāna Sutta—Suttas and Parallels

Give up this meal to us for a hundred thousand. Then the Venerable Ananda said to the Venerable Anuruddha: Updated on 19 December, Be steadfast in resolve! And the Venerable Ananda came to the Lord, saluted him, sat down to one side, and said: It is like preparing delicious food, but not eating it oneself. Seeing the Lord sitting under a tree, he went over, saluted him and sat down to one side. This is the fifth cause and condition for the appearance of a mighty earthquake.

He keeps strangers out and lets known people in. That is the fifth. Seven were worshipped throughout India. Wille ; vol vii ed. When someone there lifts up garlands or fragrance or powder, or bows, or inspires confidence in their heart, that will be for their lasting welfare and happiness. Then the Lord rose from his seat and took his departure.


Ordering a number of magnificent vehicles to be made ready, she mounted one of them, and proceeded with her entourage towards her own park. Other sects are empty of ascetics. This is the third cause and reason for a great earthquake. It has been correctly memorized by those senior mendicants.

Living on alms as they did in the conditions of rural India at the time, they would either have gravely embarrassed those who offered them food, or starved if they had refused all meat. And some of the young Licchavis were all in blue, with blue make-up, blue clothes and blue adornment, while some were in yellow, some in red, some in white, with white make-up, white clothes and white adornment. We shall do so tomorrow. This they wrap in teased cotton wool, and this in a [] new cloth.

So self-righteousness indignation can be very dangerous. Groundlessly accusing a monk of defeat leads to rebirth in hell, unless one admits the offence and apologises. The noble morality, the noble concentration, the noble wisdom, and the noble liberation.

If mahaparunibbana are included in the discourses or found in the texts on monastic training, you should draw the conclusion: As long as the mendicants take sjtta to live in wilderness lodgings, they can expect growth, not decline.

This is my instruction to you. Then the Mallas ordered their men to bring perfume and wreaths, and gather all the musicians together. But where on such comparison and review they are found to conform to the Suttas or the discipline, the conclusion must be: